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Upper Brook Street Project – Final Reveal of the Guest Bedroom

Large Bay Window

Typing typing as fast as I can…. It’s final reveal time everyone! Oh how I love a final reveal. Especially when it’s as awesomesauce as this one. Eeeee!!

(If you’d like to catch up on this project, pop back a few posts to this one.)

First, it’s time for before pics.

A large master bedroom which was to become a guest bedroom. But not just any old guest bedroom, oh no siree.

The weird recessed/built in wardrobes were going and an ensuite was coming. This is how the room looked when I started working with the homeowners:

Renovating an Edwardian Property

The entire house had been chopped up over time, converted into flats at some point, and then back again into a house. The walls and doors were in the strangest of places and it was time to breathe life back into this beautiful Edwardian home, and put those walls back where they were originally built over 100 years ago.

This was back in January. Want to see what it looks like now?

Upper Brook Street Bedroom Project Interior Design by Making Spaces



Upper Brook Street Bedroom Project Interior Design by Making Spaces

It’s completely unrecognisable isn’t it? In fact, if that fireplace wasn’t there, I don’t think i’d believe this was the same room.


Large Bay Window Grass Green Velvet Brass Armchair


Before (and during…as you can see the ensuite starting to take shape here too)

The ensuite bathroom

Upper Brook Street Interior Design Project Final Reveal


I’ve got to admit, the room feels truly magical to be in. I was pretty emotional finishing this project, taking the photos, getting home and seeing them load up onto my Mac. Holy moly. This room is part of my portfolio.

Upper Brook Street Minuit

The transformation of this room in four months is quite unbelievable and wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work put in by the homeowners. They don’t mess about. As soon as the overall design and product list is confirmed, they are all over it. I love working with them.

Ok, let me talk you through everything that’s gone into this room.

La Redoute Agama Hanging Rail

As this is a guest room (I know) we didn’t need lots of furniture. In fact, if we had, the Upper Brook Street wallpaper by Little Greene, would have been a complete waste. The reason is works as stunningly well as it does, is that it’s framed by lots of clean, black lines. Not blocks of furniture.

Brass Coat hangers

The Agama Hanging Rail with Brass Coat Hangers provides guests a perfect space for luggage and coats and what not.

Goa Four poster bed Maisons Du Monde

Along with the wallpaper of course, the four poster Goa bed from Maisons Du Monde is one of my favourite pieces. It’s large, grand in fact, but again has so much negative space, the clean black lines allow the beautiful wallpaper to shine.

Bed Styling

The Jack Black skirting, picture rail and cornicing pick up on this linear theme, interacting with the bed frame to create this cool, ever changing matrix. Charleston Bedspread

The Charleston bedspread from in grey and coral was a no-brainer for dressing the bed, along with charcoal and coral cushions, adding those all-important layers a proper posh bedroom needs.

Edwardian Cast Iron Fireplace

The large Vita Eos Feather shade floats like a cloud above the wallpaper treetops,  hanging from a bespoke pendant light set, both from Dowsing & Reynolds.

Dark Interiors, Black Floorboards and trim

We opted for a White Domed Porcelain Rose with Sheffield Steel twisted cable. The silvery grey picking up on the ceiling and large bay window alcove painted in Little Greene ‘Shallows‘.

Little Greene Upper Brook Street Minuit

The stunning curtains were made by a family member after the homeowners picked up a roll of charcoal velvet fabric on eBay for a ridiculously good price. After being quoted well over £1k for having some made in one of those proper curtain shop places **shudders**, we managed to dress the windows for around £250. Result.

Instead of carpeting the room (which would have cost the best part of £1k), the floorboards were painted black. And they rock. And I want love them.

We also saved money on the large floor standing Soknedal mirror and Adum rug which were both from Ikea at good ole Ikea prices….

Brass Drawer Pull from Dowsing & Reynolds

… along with the Hemnes bedside tables.  To stop them from looking too “Ikea”, we updated the bedsides with Futurist brass knobs from Dowsing & Reynolds. Their hardware range is definitely worth a look at the moment. D&R are bringing out some cracking in-house designs.

Little Greene Jack Black Door

The Rita lamp from, with black marble and brass detail keeping in line with the rest of the room detail. Green Velvet Frame Armchair

As do the Frame armchairs in cotton velvet, also from **swoon**

Grass green velvet brass armchair

These were the last piece of the puzzle to arrive. I was really careful to get the shade of green just right. I didn’t want emerald green or anything jewel coloured. It had to be a lighter, yellow-based green to compliment the leaves and grasses in the wallpaper.

Grass green velvet brass armchair

These were just right. In fact, i’d say we’re almost bang on for Pantone’s colour of the year, ‘Greenery’.

And so, onto the ensuite.

I wasn’t responsible for the design of this space, the homeowners had this one under control. However, they did need help with the finishing; wall colours, accessories, artwork those small details used to connect everything together.

The ensuite bathroom

Little Greene’s ‘Shallows’ continued into the bathroom with the door being painted in Little Greene’s ‘Air Force Blue‘, picking up on the beautiful floor tiles.

The ensuite bathroom

These colours worked really well with the marble and patterned tiling, but the room needed something just that little bit extra special to make the ensuite feel part of the bedroom. It’s always important to think how two spaces work together once a door is opened.

Marble walk in shower

Cue a bespoke art commission by Andy Welland. I’d spotted his latest work on Instagram a couple of months ago

This design was perfect for these guys, but the colours weren’t quite right for this project. So, it was time to see if Andy fancied trying something a little different.

“Hey Andy, please can you do us one of your Chanels, but, this time, colour match Little Greene’s Shallows, Air Force Blue, Coral with black detail? Thanks ever so”                                     

(paraphrasing obv)

Turns out Andy was up for experimenting. And the result is awesome. And i’m jealous. And do you know what? It wasn’t even that expensive. Not for a bespoke one off giclee print.

Andy Welland Ephemera 01 (Chanel No. 5)

How good does it look next to the little pops of coral around the door frame and petrol blue in the accessories?

Interior Styling

(from left to right) Homebase, H&M and House Doctor. All the H’s!

Original Stained Glass Window

An original leaded glass window was uncovered, originally hidden by the fitted wardrobes. Pffft!

Airforce Blue DoorAnd a black metal framed mirror I sourced from Primrose. It’s actually an outdoor, garden mirror but it was the exact size we were looking for and was half the price of some others I was looking at.

Ikea Hemnes Mirror and Rug

So that. Is. That.

I really hope my photos go someway towards doing this room justice. It’s hard to capture the feeling of a room with a camera. But it does feel really special in here. Do you like it? Anything you would change? Add? Would love to hear what you all think.

Will just leave you with that before and after again. Because… it makes me smile a lot.

Upper Brook Street Bedroom Project Interior Design by Making Spaces

Pin me for later.

Upper Brook Street Guest Bedroom Final Reveal. An Edwardian guest bedroom is transformed from a beige box to a stunning, magical space. Interior Design by Making Spaces #styleitdark




  1. This is by far my favourite project of the ones I have seen from you so far, huge congratulations. I love how you embraced dark colours yet it looks so light and airy. The wallpaper is stunning and just makes this room look absolutely heavenly. Major house envy over here, I can’t believe it’s only a guest room!

  2. Oh my goodness Karen, you’ve outdone yourself here. This has got to me my absolute favourite project from you – I absolutely ADORE it!! I love the wall mural you chose and how you accented it throughout the space – the 4 poster bed is a match made in heaven with the painted picture rails and cornicing. I desperately want a mural now (making notes for our next house – I’m done with this one for the most part so I have got to sit on my hands for now). I’m so into pinky corals and green right now but set against the black and greys and those black floors… just SWOON. All of it. Oh and that print you had made!!! It’s just the perfect finishing touch in the bathroom. Also, I love that the door frames have this little punch of coral peeking though. I f**king love attention to detail like that. Bravo, my dear, you should be so so proud of yourself!! xxx

  3. Wow, what a transformation and what lucky guests to be staying in that room! I’m not usually such a fan of ‘opulent’ interiors but this works so well, as you say, because the furniture has been kept to a minimum and those clean black lines really help that statement wallpaper to shine. I also adore that custom print, it really does help having a unique piece that has been perfectly matched to help bring a space together. Great work hun!

  4. Karen, it is inspired! Such a unique room – almost has a magical quality with that wallpaper, it feels like you could step right into it. Amazing bed, light fitting, beautiful chairs, the simplicity of the hanging rail. I love the ensuite too, with that amazing hidden window and the bespoke print. I just love everything! The owners must be thrilled and their future guests as well. Congrats on such an accomplishment, what a wonderful addition to your ever growing portfolio xx

  5. It’s absolutely gorgeous Karen. I’ve been looking forward to the reveal post for this – already pinned some images! I’d be proud to have this in my portfolio. Well done girl. x

  6. Alex says

    This is absolutely stunning. Loving all the details, what a triumph!

  7. It’s an absolute stunner, a dream bedroom. You’ve done it again You got style and so do those lucky clients 🙂

  8. Jenny Moss says

    This is a spare room? I need to befriend these people!!

  9. Absolutely stunning. I love the little pops of coral hidden around the room. And those chairs! Wow fab colours. I would love to sleep here. Brilliant job. Give yourself huge pat on the back

  10. Amazing. Well done. Woop! Fantastic project. So much to love, from the black floors to the minimal style furniture to the black paintwork. Love the Channel print and the coral accent best. So many ideas to steal here. Off to go check out the green armchairs.

    Bargain curtain price too!

  11. Shruti says

    Fab-U-Lous! Enough said. Best so far. LOVE everything about it.

  12. Sandra says

    WOW -so many great ideas. It just shows you don’t need a zillion dollars to create great interiors.

  13. Oh my goodness me, that’s really stunning – what a transformation! You must be thrilled, let alone the homeowners. If it was my house, forget the guests, I’d be moving in there pronto. Love it all, well done!

  14. Kate says

    It is absolutely beautiful. Brilliant attention to detail. Do u have a floor plan? It’s always the first thing I look at on house buying sites, before the pictures. I’m not very good at scale!

  15. Pops says

    What an amazing room, it has a magical feel. I wonder if the way into the room is through a wardrobe. Only problem for the owners is getting rid of guests. Well done Kaz

  16. I’ve just gone over this post about 3 times because I can’t get enough of it! It is really really special. I don’t even have the words… just wow! Beautiful work, Karen!

  17. Alex Higgins says

    Wow this transformation is amazing! I love the dark wood flooring so much and the wallpaper adds such a unique touch. Thanks for sharing!

  18. Catherine says

    This is stunning. I can’t quite believe how beautiful it is.

  19. Shruti says

    Hi Karen, Honestly stumbled onto your blog while obsessively flicking through images on Pinterest. I am in LOVE! Absolutely and madly in love with this room … like I would never leave it, not even if the building were on fire! Died and gone to interiors heaven, love!!!

    Thank you for sharing!

    • Karen Knox says

      Aaah, thank you very much indeed. That’s very kind of you to say. So glad you like it!

  20. Jacqui says

    I love this; whilst looking for inspiration for my late Vic/early Edwardian flat, I came across your blog. I defy all the white woodwork and detailing purists to not like a dark version. The walls being uncluttered and free of block out furnishings really do this Little Greene wallpaper justice.

    Oh don’t start me on those chairs……

  21. Chris says

    What a great transformation.
    Did you also renew these massive flooring stripes? If yes who is the manufacturer of those?

    Thx for a short reply

    • Karen Knox says

      Do you mean the skirting boards? No, they’re the original Edwardian skirtings. We managed to retain most of them and the new sections were filleted in to match.

  22. What a wonderful transformation Karen, I have enjoyed reading the progress and have signed up to your blog. The room looks fabulous!

  23. Maiken says

    Astonishing! I really do not have much else to say! Your writing, the room, the bathroom, I was holding my breath until the end!

  24. Anonymous says

    Oh goodness that wallpaper. Can’t get enough of that. It’s the pinky reds of the pokers against the black. Even as the fire surround only it’s lush. prob all i could afford if had my own place. Expect one metre is a squillion pounds.

  25. Dave says

    Amazing overall ambience, from all the careful chosen details, what a talent!

  26. Wow! If that’s the spare room what’s the master bedroom like??

  27. Hi can you please tell me from where I can purchase the wallpaper and Gorgeous fireplace tiles from. If you could let me know what color of the fire too please
    Nayab x

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