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Large Bay Window

Upper Brook Street Project – Final Reveal of the Guest Bedroom

Typing typing as fast as I can…. It’s final reveal time everyone! Oh how I love a final reveal. Especially when it’s as awesomesauce as this one. Eeeee!! (If you’d like to catch up on this project, pop back a few posts to this one.) First, it’s time for before pics. A large master bedroom which was to become a guest bedroom. But not just any old guest bedroom, oh no siree. The weird recessed/built in wardrobes were going and an ensuite was coming. This is how the room looked when I started working with the homeowners: The entire house had been chopped up over time, converted into flats at some point, and then back again into a house. The walls and doors were in the strangest of places and it was time to breathe life back into this beautiful Edwardian home, and put those walls back where they were originally built over 100 years ago. This was back in January. Want to see what it looks like now? After Before It’s completely unrecognisable isn’t it? In …

Cast Iron Fireplace

The Upper Brook Street Bedroom – Pre-Reveal

I can’t actually speak right now. I drove over to my Upper Brook Street project this morning, first time i’ve seen it since it’s been wallpapered. I always knew it was going to be a special room, but I never quite expected it to look this good. After measuring up for some final pieces, I was given free reign to start styling the space and take some pics. I’ve just uploaded about 56 photos to my Mac and spent the last hour almost flipping crying (happy tears, don’t worry). I’m overwhelmed by how this room has turned out so far.  So forgive me, i’m just going to post pictures and some details about what’s from where and then i’m going to go and buy a bottle of something cold and fizzy to celebrate this evening. Goa Four Poster Bed from Maisons Du Monde This picture makes me soooo happy. Upper Brook Street Minuit wallpaper from Little Greene This room really wouldn’t be the same without it. Hemnes Bedside Tables from Ikea updated with Brass Drawer Pulls Futurist …