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My Top 10 Mid Century Planters

Florian Planter La Redoute

Plants plants plants!! They are everywhere. And I love it. I can’t actually get enough of them. Combine my love of plants, styling and all things mid-century, this inevitably makes mid-century planters right up there with one of my fave things to add to interiors right now.

Turned, tapered wooden legs? Elevated greenery? Yes please! Let me show you my top 10 picks .

Tall Concrete Planter with Wooden Legs, £55 – Next

Yes, you read right, Next!

Wide Concrete Planter with Wooden Legs, £55 – Next

Concrete and wood, super versatile materials to fit right into industrial, Scandi, vintage, mid-century and contemporary interiors.

Modern Wood Leg Planter, £89 – West Elm

With their simple ceramic bowls and solid wood legs, our Modern Wood Leg Planters create an industrial look for your greenery. Even better? Their oak-finished legs have been treated to be used either inside or out.”

A good choice for those of you looking to take the concrete look into the great outdoors.

Turned Leg Tabletop Planters, from £24 – Westelm

“Inspired by the clean silhouettes of the ’50s and ’60s, our Mid-Century Turned Leg Tabletop Planters stand on tapered, solid wood legs with a glazed, ceramic bowl. Finished with a reactive glaze — a technique admired for its variegated colouring — each piece is subtly one-of-a-kind.”

Small but perfectly formed. Great for a baby succulent or average sized house plant me thinks. Pop on your desktop for an instant hit of retro cool.

Mid-Century Turned Leg Standing Planter, £149 – Westelm

Third and final choice from Westelm (although they do have some others you know, worth a look if you’re on the hunt).

“Retro influence. Inspired by the clean silhouettes of 1950s and ’60s mid-century design, this indoor planter stands on tapered, solid wood legs with a glazed, ceramic bowl.”

These are the daddies. I absolutely love them, but they certainly aren’t an impulse purchase at £149 a pop.

Florian Planter, from £75 – La Redoute

Almost identical to the West Elm planters, the Florian planters from La Redoute are my faves. So much so, i’ve bought a couple already.

And the best thing is, i’ve bought them in one of their 40% off events, making the 37cm diameter planter an absolute steal at about £40. How good is that?

Florian Planter used in the Masonic Villas project

And in our loft bedroom.

White Ceramic Footed Planter, £35.99 – Maisons Du Monde

Another cute little table top number in white ceramic and bare untreated pine, definitely for the more Scandi design lover in us. And in complete contrast, is a planter i’m eagerly awaiting….

Oscar Raised Planter, £45 – Sweetpea & Willow

“This stunning black and gold planter mixes contemporary style with elegant glamour. Raised from the ground by a set of black painted legs giving extra height to whatever greenery you choose to plant.”

I can’t wait to receive it. You might hear me squealing when it arrives. As i’m sure you would be if you received these too…

Brass Planter with Stand, from £78 – Mia Fleur

Love that warm, brushed brass finish. Perfect mid-century materials.

Walnut hardwood mid-century plant stand.

Walnut hardwood mid-century plant stand, £35 – Etsy

My final find for my top 10 post today is a mid-century plant stand. The ideal choice if you’ve already got your plant, your pot and just want to add some height and interest with the wooden stand.

“Beautiful mid-century style walnut hardwood plant stand. Walnut is one of the most high quality hardwoods with beautiful swirling grain patterns and colour changes from cream sapwood to dark brown heartwood….. Each planter is made to order and will be unique with different grain patterns and colour contrasts in the timber.”

Lovely to know that each one is handmade to order. Always love supporting independent designers, makers, crafters and do-ers.

So then, any of these floating your boat? Have you already joined the plant stand gang? And have you spotted any on your travels I’ve missed?


Update, 08.01.18: one more to add from my recent Matalan post….

Planter with Metal Stand – £12!! 🙂



  1. Ooh, I love these mid 20th century styles so much I’ve got my 21st century payment device out ready to spend! But which will I go for…..

  2. I really love the standing style planters. Lovely selection here. I’m very tempted X

  3. Stacy says

    Great round-up! Would love more of this kind of thing : ) x

  4. What an absolutely cracking selection! I love planters on legs in general, I feel like it gives plants such a stature of importance! I don’t own any but I can feel that needs to change soon!

  5. Love the mid-century legs, the La Redoute and Next ones are my favourites! Cate x

  6. Great selection, I think Next are really on point with some of their pieces this season.

  7. I’m actually after a couple of these for our sunroom so I can get some of these bad boys off the floor. Love the West Elm designs!

  8. Adele says

    Brilliant timing. I’ve been looking for the same thing today and these are fabulous prices. Thanks for sharing.

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