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Anaglypta Alfred Black

Anaglypta – It’s back in a big way

For those of you in the know, you won’t need any convincing about Anaglypta. Yes, that wallpaper we were all moaning about having to strip off our walls back in the 80’s. Well it’s back. In a big way. But for those of you that might need a little arm twisting, here I am, happy to get physical and twist away. Check out these images. Maybe they’ll make you see Anaglypta in a whole new light. Derby Now, this is probably how you remember it best. Normally white or off white. But here, paired with a concrete floor, industrial furniture, warm wood and metallics, it couldn’t look much different to the days of your nan’s front room. Imagine your nan having this light. And styling up the writing bureau… Egon Anaglypta was developed by Thomas Palmer over 130 years ago. The name being taken from the Greek, for ‘raised cameo’. Lincolnshire Brick It’s the perfect compromise between pattered/multicolour wallpaper and painted, plastered walls. Anaglypta gives your room some dimension and depth plus the option to …

Florian Planter La Redoute

My Top 10 Mid Century Planters

Plants plants plants!! They are everywhere. And I love it. I can’t actually get enough of them. Combine my love of plants, styling and all things mid-century, this inevitably makes mid-century planters right up there with one of my fave things to add to interiors right now. Turned, tapered wooden legs? Elevated greenery? Yes please! Let me show you my top 10 picks . Tall Concrete Planter with Wooden Legs, £55 – Next Yes, you read right, Next! Wide Concrete Planter with Wooden Legs, £55 – Next Concrete and wood, super versatile materials to fit right into industrial, Scandi, vintage, mid-century and contemporary interiors. Modern Wood Leg Planter, £89 – West Elm “With their simple ceramic bowls and solid wood legs, our Modern Wood Leg Planters create an industrial look for your greenery. Even better? Their oak-finished legs have been treated to be used either inside or out.” A good choice for those of you looking to take the concrete look into the great outdoors. Turned Leg Tabletop Planters, from £24 – Westelm “Inspired by the clean silhouettes …

Pantone 2017

Let’s talk about “Colour of the Year”

This post isn’t going to tell you anything you don’t already know. If you follow anything remotely interiors/fashion/media related, then you’ll already know what this year’s official “Colour of the Year” is. Ya know, by Pantone. Today’s post is to question what “Colour of the Year” actually means (and for me to have a little moan about it) because, although my husband is the most wonderful person I know, even he would struggle listening to me grumble on about this kind of stuff. But I know you guys will get it… Last September, Dulux UK released their chosen hue for 2017, “Denim Drift”. “Denim Drift is the must-have color of 2017. It is truly adaptable, fitting into all life and interior styles, making it the perfect choice for reflecting our new perspective for 2017.”   Blue and grey are hardly new but I do like “Denim Drift”, a grey-er, more versatile shade similar to Pantone’s release last year, “Serenity”. Remember that one? At the same time as Denim Drift’s release came “Starry Sky” from Dulux Canada. A …