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H&M Home

H&M Home – doing more Home

Hello!! Yes, I know i’ve been away for a week and left you without so much as a word to read, but we’ve had friends stay with us this week. So i’ve taken some time out, away from the screen to bloody well enjoy myself. And as punishment for said fun, i’ve been struck down with a virus and been like this since Thursday… … just in time for the school holidays. Oh life, you’re a cruel beast! Anyway, less moaning and more writing. Today’s post is about H&M Home. I know most of you will already know about their homeware dept, i’ve written about them before and used their stuff in sooo many projects… .. but there are actually still some peeps that haven’t twigged yet. And for those that don’t pop on there weekly (like I do), then today’s post is just for you. We already know H&M sell cushions, accessories, ceramics and textiles… everything in this pic above (apart from the sofa, books and twig) is from H&M. Standard. But did you know H&M’s …

Florian Planter La Redoute

My Top 10 Mid Century Planters

Plants plants plants!! They are everywhere. And I love it. I can’t actually get enough of them. Combine my love of plants, styling and all things mid-century, this inevitably makes mid-century planters right up there with one of my fave things to add to interiors right now. Turned, tapered wooden legs? Elevated greenery? Yes please! Let me show you my top 10 picks . Tall Concrete Planter with Wooden Legs, £55 – Next Yes, you read right, Next! Wide Concrete Planter with Wooden Legs, £55 – Next Concrete and wood, super versatile materials to fit right into industrial, Scandi, vintage, mid-century and contemporary interiors. Modern Wood Leg Planter, £89 – West Elm “With their simple ceramic bowls and solid wood legs, our Modern Wood Leg Planters create an industrial look for your greenery. Even better? Their oak-finished legs have been treated to be used either inside or out.” A good choice for those of you looking to take the concrete look into the great outdoors. Turned Leg Tabletop Planters, from £24 – Westelm “Inspired by the clean silhouettes …

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The Loft Bedroom – Final Reveal

We did it! We have our new loft bedroom, all done and ready to rock. Four months after we started our build, i’m finally able to share the final reveal photos with you. I’m going to warn you right now, this post is PIC HEAVY. Initially I took about 70 photos. I know. That’s ridiculous. I’ve managed to whittle it down to about 30. Still far too many, but ya know what, just scroll along if any aren’t floating your boat. Here’s where we were back in September 2016: And here was my plan for the bedroom: Ok. So here we go. Do come in… The view from the landing into the bedroom. Gets me every time. Chooch the cat, can not get enough of this room. Mainly because she’s got a load of new rugs and blankets to paw at and ruin. We had to be clever with space here as we were limited with how much width we had with the two chimney stacks bookending each side of the bed. The Factorylux Maria Banjo wall …