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The Loft Bathroom – Final Reveal

Laurel Marble Hex Tiles

It’s here. It’s flipping HERE!


Week 20 or something are we now? I dunno, I stopped counting after 17…

My ideas for the bathroom are finally up and at ’em and I can’t wait for a sit down and a biscuit. I don’t think i’ve had a day off since September. God, I need a day off.


Anywaaaay, here was the vibe I had in mind for the bathroom. Strictly monochrome, in keeping with the loft bedroom. If you haven’t seen that yet, I reckon you should have a quick pop over here so you can see how the two spaces connect.

Our new bathroom was going to be 2m x 2m. So, small, but a good size for a second bathroom i’d say. These tiny spaces are certainly not easy to plan at all. And i’ve lost a fair amount of beauty sleep over this space, i’ll tell you that for free.

Here’s where we were at the beginning of December.



And here’s where we are now.


Final Reveal of the loft bathroom

We have a bathroom! I know, I know. I can barely believe it too. Let me take you on a little tour, show you the sights. I’ll add some links too incase anything takes your fancy.

Ferm Living Toilet Roll Holder and Hay Hook

The Laurel Marble and Black Hexagon tiles from British Ceramic Tile, were suitable for walls and floors. Outdoors too in fact as they’re made from porcelain, so very tough. The tiler was quick to mention how many blades he’d got through cutting them. Everyone who has seen them so far has been a big fan. Who knew so many men liked marble? We went with a very light grey grout on the walls to tie in with the marbling effect on the tile and black grout on the floor.

The neat Sabrosa II Toilet from had a very small footprint so was perfect for the room and came with a soft close seat, which is a must with little people in the house.

Toilet roll holder by Ferm Living.

Bathroom detail

Small stool (so tiddles can reach the sink) from La Redoute. With necessary toilet reading.

The Loft shower room black tap and bathroom mirror with shelf

My very own La Lampe Gras 304 Bathroom Light from Houseology now casts a lovely light over the sink. You can read all about this iconic design over here.

Lampe Gras Bathroom Wall light in monochrome bathroom

Black, metal mirror with shelf from Dunelm Mill

Bathroom mirror

Arty reflection shot

Black Bathroom Tap, waste and bottle trap from Olif

Elusive black tap in the house!

The stunning Minimo Black Matt Tap, Waste and Bottle Trap from Olif are the perfect choice for the basin. I love the curve of the spout against the squared off, utilitarian design of the Roca Dama-N sink.

Monochrome bathroom with marble Hex tiles

Soap dispenser from H&M

Another before shot coming up….


And after….

Bathroom With Pocket Door

We decided upon a pocket door to give us an extra square metre of floor space. It was not an easy fit at all and despite the builder spending an extra two days trying to solve problems with the track fitting and soft close, we finally gave in and accepted it wasn’t going to be perfect. But it does open, close and lock. And unlock. Does that too.

Column Towel Radiator with Hex Tiles and Black Door

The door looks great after being undercoated and painted with Valspar’s ‘Nevermore’ matt eggshell. A soft off-black.

Column Towel Heater with marble hex tiles and black pocket door

The most awesome towel radiator you ever did see from with their traditional style valves. It kicks out some serious heat which is great for getting those damp towels dry and will keep the landing area directly outside the bathroom warm too.

I’m actually taking this photo through a pane of glass, can you see the reflection of the shower hose?

Mira Adept BRD+ Shower Marble Hex Tiles

The Mira Adept BRD+ is a real beast of a shower, the fixed head being the size of a dinner plate. Brilliant. We already have a Mira shower in our downstairs bathroom which we love, so it was a no brainer to go for the next one up in the range.

Mira Adept

You can choose between the two shower heads, and if you’re feeling particularly needy, you can have them both on. V. luxurious indeed. I was a little concerned what the water pressure would be like up here in the loft, but with Mira’s fancy Magni-Flo™ technology, I needn’t have worried. It’s a keeper.

Walk in shower screen Mira Shower and Marble Hex tiles

I won’t even go into the story about why there’s no shower enclosure, because I’ve already lost two days of my life sorting that slight issue out. Let’s just say, the perfectly good enclosure that had been sitting in our hallway for over two months had to be sent back and swapped for something else. Big thanks to Soak for being brilliant to work with and helping me solve the problem quickly and easily.

Luckily, everything worked out fine with our very last minute change to the design, the walk-in shower screen. Actually, this was a walk-through shower screen from which we simply siliconed down one side. This option gave us less visible fixings with only two cross bars across the top.

Now you may be wondering (like we were, and Chooch our cat) aren’t you going to get your floor really wet with no enclosure?

The reality is, yes a bit. But nothing our bathmat doesn’t drink up. In fact, we have to do the same in our main bathroom and that’s after showering over a bath with a screen. If we’d had the option at this point of having an enclosure that would fit we would have, but we didn’t. The tray was fitted, walls and floor tiled and the enclosure/screen was literally the last thing to go in.

Just Trays Softstone Black Slate Shower Tray

I’ve since become some kind of expert on flow rates, drain rates and shower-tray pitches. All of these were luckily in our favour for this walk in shower “experiment” to turn out positively. Which was flipping lucky as initially we really wanted a walk in shower, but discounted it due to the small size and layout of the space. Funny how things turn out isn’t it?

JT Trays Slate effect Shower Tray Wet Room

Our amazing black Softstone® shower tray is from JT Trays, a design and manufacture company based in my beloved home city of Leeds. The Softstone® has an aqua cushion floor and non-slip surface. Your feet actually squidge into it a little when you walk on. It’s lovely and great for little ones who insist on practicing their jumping jacks whilst showering.

Slate effect softstone shower tray

The slate effect tray is laid into the floor, seamlessly linking to the tiled floor and giving the space a wet-room kinda feel. You can check out how they’re fitted here.

JT Trays

The JT Softstone® range comes in black, cream and white, each having a chrome drain cover as standard. I treated myself to one of their colour coded drain covers (yes, this is how I treat myself) plumping for the matt black. Obv.

Bathroom reflection

Arty refection shot no. 2

Full height aluminium window

The ceiling and small section of wall around the window was painted in Dulux Diamond Eggshell Light & Space in white. I think I may play with this bit of wall in the future by adding a pop of colour inside the window recess. Hmmm…

Oh i’ll just mention the trim across the top of the ceiling. In an ideal world, I wouldn’t have added this, however, it seems hexagonal tiles are quite difficult to plan and tile. The tiler finished his tiling, with some walls having nearly 2cm of pure grout along the ceiling line. I had to do something to finish it off, so bought an off black trim that was cut to size, scribed and fitted by my ever suffering husband. Thank you hubster.

So there we have it. Finished. All done. Dusted.

Bathroom design for small spaces. Making Spaces Monochrome Loft Bathroom with Hex Tiles, Walk in Shower, Black Tap and Pocket Door

This picture pretty much sums up how my head feels right now. Ka-boom!

I hope you like what we’ve done peeps. Anything you’re not sure about? Anything you really like? Hit me.

Collaborative post. MASSIVE thanks to all the brands that have patiently worked with me on this project. I seriously could not have done it without you. Thank you.

British Ceramic Tile



JT Trays




  1. I can’t take it all in, its gorgeous! Great sized space for a loft, I thought it would be teeny tiny. The hexagon tiles are lovely and I really like the way they finish on the wall, very stylish. I can’t imagine an enclosure as I think the wet room style works so well. The tray is amazing! Never seen one like that. (Why aren’t they all squidgy underfoot??!!) And the black tap, and the black mirror – is that really Dunelm? The lovely tall window, gah…! It’s amazing and I’m off to pin it now 🙂 xx

  2. Lesley says

    Gorgeous, like it all, especially the tiles, squidgy shower tray and interesting reading material haha x

  3. I bloody love it. I will have to save this post as I’m really interested in the nonslip floor in the shower which would suit the husband once we move to a walk in shower due to his disability. That would be perfect for us. I also LOVE the tiles and actually the trim around the top gives a lovely little bit of colour on the ceiling and frames the room. lovely 🙂 where have you hidden all the lotions and potions 🙂

    • As it’s a guest bathroom and won’t be used all that much, we’re not storing much stuff in here. There is a cabinet due to sit on the landing outside which will hold all the bathroom gubbins (towels, cleaning stuff, loo rolls and bottles etc..). But we’ve got something in mind to add into the shower area to hold shampoo etc.. Just not arrived yet. And yes, the shower tray is VERY good. Feels great underfoot and no slipping at all! 🙂

  4. Sarah McIntosh says

    Lush. Love the whole thing. Really like the idea of a pocket door. I had thought about this for my teeny tiny box room, so I might have a wee play around with ideas to try it out. A lot of hard work, but boy is it worth every bit of the stress!

    • Ha. I don’t think i’ve got to that bit yet…. i’ve not enjoyed doing this bathroom one bit if i’m honest. And i’m still not 100% happy with it (am I ever?) The pocket doors are a great idea if you’re doing a build from scratch and can add the pocket into your stud work. If your walls are already in, you might be best going for a standard sliding door…?

  5. Ah it’s beautiful! What a calm relaxing space, and the finish looks fab. I can’t believe I’m probably going to be tiling our bathroom myself this year, NOT with hexagon tiles however – learnt my lesson about those with our kitchen! I’d love to know exactly what trim you’ve used – I need to do just that in our kitchen for the very same reason – then I can lay off the photoshop next time I photograph it! Oh and what did you use to stick it to the tiles pretty please! Xx

    • Haha. I considered editing the photos instead of adding the trim #bloggerproblems. Wish we didn’t have to have it, but it’s up now and I don’t have the heart to tell the hubby to take it down. The No More Nails would surely take half of the plasterwork off with it. You can find the trim we used here: If you search “quadrant bead” or “quadrant trim” you should get a few options for sizes, colours and finishes. Good luck!!xx

      • Thank you! My MEGA BOND that I used for moulding will surely do the trick then. Honestly, I think the trim looks good. We did not shower ourselves in DIY glory with our kitchen tiling job, but it’s about to look a million times better. X

  6. Oh I love it so so much. I think it’s a masterful design and you’ve squeezed every single bit of function and style into such a small space (although saying that, I think it’s still bigger than our main bathroom which is like minuscule, it’s ridiculous really). Anyway, I adore the tiles and the matt black accents. That shower cubicle is the Dog’s Doodads seriously – I would have totally opted for the black drain cover too. Oh and I can’t believe that mirror is Dunelm?!! What?! I think I need to revisit my thoughts on their products because that’s gorgeous. Okay, done gushing now but I just wanted to say you did a super job. I can’t even imagine how much work went into it (actually I can – it took us about 8 months to finish the hex tiles in our own bathroom – they are EVIL – it’s a good job they are so pretty.) Awesome work xxx

  7. Fiona Duke Interiors says

    looks totally bloody awesome and i love love it !
    brilliant work Karen – well worth the wait it’s gorgeous


  8. Absolutely stunning, loving those tiles and the mix of neutral tones but still looks really warm and inviting. It’s a triumph and worth all the blood, sweat and tears!!!! Chooch really compliments that space too! You done good girl 🙂

  9. The shower works really well, the floor is brill, who ever put you on to them buy them a drink!
    The Tadis theme goes on as you have squeezed yet another large useable space from that loft.
    Beautiful tiles are complimented by the black accents, ps trim around the ceiling needs to stay especially as it is so well fitted.

  10. Beverley says

    Your bathroom looks amazing, we looked at having a black stone resin shower tray & tap but my husbands worried the tray and tap will show white scale marks & they will be difficult to clean. I was just wondering now you have had yours for a while, have you found this to be a problem? Thanks in advance for the response and thank you for sharing your gorgeous project 😄

    • Karen Knox says

      Our shower room is a guest bathroom, we’ve had no problems with keeping it clean at all, but it’s not used daily so hard to say. The shower tray isn’t resin, it’s a softstone tray. Slightly cushioned when you step on it. Really nice!

  11. Hi,

    I am just going to have fitted after christmas a JTSoftstone tray, could I ask did you have any issues then with shower tray (being a cushion style tray) and the wetroom panel (is this why the orginal panel had to go back)?

    • Karen Knox says

      Originally we were having an enclosure fitted but as they are made to be about 5-10mm smaller than the actual tray size in order to fit on top of the lip of the tray, we realised that once the Softstone tray was fitted the enclosure was going to sit inside the tray and not directly around the edge where the tray met the floor tiles. So we had to make a quick decision to have a single piece of glass fitted instead so it would fit directly on top of the edge of the tray. There have been no issues with this at all for us. Hope that helps!?

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