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Ted Baker Stepped Tile

Ted Baker & British Ceramic Tile – New Designs Definitely Worth a Look

It’s not the first time British Ceramic Tile have featured on these pages. I worked with them back in winter 2016 on our loft conversion. I was lucky enough to use their Marble and Black Hex tiles in our loft bathroom. Chooch on the loo in our Loft Bathroom… The beautiful Marble Hex tiles were used again the Trumpet Family Bathroom (because the homeowners fell in love with them from seeing them in my own bathroom). Well, British Ceramic Tile, are releasing some rather exciting new designs by long time collaborator, Ted Baker. There are three designs that I think you lovely lot, need to see, because they’re ace. And normal people can afford them – hoorah! Indigo Blocks – £39 m2 These ceramic tiles give some of the mega expensive handmade, cement tiles a serious run for their money. The indigo blue with soft off-white provides a classic colour scheme to any wall or floor. Each pack of nine tiles contains an assortment of four different designs, so the end result is completely up to …

Laurel Marble Hex Tiles

The Loft Bathroom – Final Reveal

It’s here. It’s flipping HERE! Week 20 or something are we now? I dunno, I stopped counting after 17… My ideas for the bathroom are finally up and at ’em and I can’t wait for a sit down and a biscuit. I don’t think i’ve had a day off since September. God, I need a day off. Anywaaaay, here was the vibe I had in mind for the bathroom. Strictly monochrome, in keeping with the loft bedroom. If you haven’t seen that yet, I reckon you should have a quick pop over here so you can see how the two spaces connect. Our new bathroom was going to be 2m x 2m. So, small, but a good size for a second bathroom i’d say. These tiny spaces are certainly not easy to plan at all. And i’ve lost a fair amount of beauty sleep over this space, i’ll tell you that for free. Here’s where we were at the beginning of December. Before And here’s where we are now. After We have a bathroom! I …