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New project. New wallpaper

I’m back!

After a well deserved week off from all things blog, i’ve caught up with things like cleaning the house, finishing off oodles of painting at home, having conversations with my husband about things that weren’t loft related and washing my hair. Feels so good to have our home back. And a teency bit of normal life, whatever that means.

So now felt about the right time to introduce a new project i’ve been working on since December. Yes, another one. If you guys remember the Drawing Room project, then you’ll know why i’m excited to introduce it…

Ferm Living Lines Wallpaper in the Edwardian Drawing Room

… as it’s the bedroom above this very room. So you already know these guys are going to be up for something pretty special in their “soon to be” new guest bedroom.

Here’s is the room before these guys moved in. In fact, these are the estate agent piccies…

“Just shove it under the bed, John. No, all of it under the bed. No, you can’t see it. No it’s fine. Honestly.”

It’s a very masculine room isn’t it? It had a weird layout too as the bed was up against the beautiful bay window. And there was an additional alcove where fitted wardrobes were once built in.

On the other side of the room, a section of the room had been stolen in order to make a bathroom in the space next door which really upset the symmetry around the fireplace. Big no no.

The homeowner taking that wall right down

It was clear that wall needed to go and these guys didn’t mess about. Goodbye offensive wall!

With period properties, altering the layout of any rooms needs to be done sympathetically. Taking care to retain the beautiful features that make these houses so special. Luckily, most of the picture rail and coving was saved.

Renovating an Edwardian Property

And here’s the room with the stud wall finally down. Instantly the room felt much more in proportion. A very spacious bedroom indeed.

The stud work for what would have been the original wall was rebuilt and boarded ready for skimming and joinery.

On the opposite side of the room, the built in fitted wardrobes were removed, the wall reinstated and doorway built into what would be the new ensuite (door casing and door still to come).

You can peek into the bathroom here which is actually very nearly finished. The bed will now sit against this wall, facing the beautiful, original cast iron fireplace across the room.

The old, tatty carpet was removed to uncover the original floorboards, which were in a bad way, covered in 100 year old bitumen. The homeowners, despite swearing they’d never, ever, ever, ever, ever sand floorboards ever, ever again after doing their living room…… I managed to twist their arm. Because if you’ve got floorboards, they’re just the best.

So this happened… and man, did it get some serious love over on Instagram. It seems i’m not the only one that loves floorboards. Black ones too. Yep, we’re going black ladies and gents. In fact, let me show you what the plan is for this room.

Mood board for Edwardian Bedroom Redesign

The Edwardian Guest Bedroom

I can’t actually wait to start putting this room together with the homeowners. Black floorboards, black woodwork, off black curtains, black four poster bed frame and bedsides, a large Vita Eos shade with black metal hanging rail for guests and two green velvet armchairs sitting in the bay window.

The wallpaper?

Yes, it’s stunning isn’t it? It’s a new design released by Little Greene last week as part of their new London Wallpapers range.

Upper Brook Street wallpaper by Little Greene

“The design features brightly coloured kniphofia flowers, commonly known as torch lilies or red hot pokers. They were recorded by English Heritage as having been hand-painted and stuck over a pre-hung wall covering in a late-18th century Upper Brook Street house as a bespoke decoration.”

upper brook st minuit

Little Greene Upper Brook Street – Minuit

Very excited to be working with a mural style wallpaper, something i’ve not done before. If the budget can stretch, the plan is to use this wallpaper around most of the room. 75% of the room to be precise.

So what do you think about our plans for this room so far? Hit me, would love to hear your thoughts.


  1. Oh my goodness, this is AMAZING!! You are very talented my friend. I adore the wallpaper mural and the black and goodness, the proportions of that room are just incredible. Totally jealous. 😉 xx

    • Karen Knox says

      I know, I would love a room that big too! And thank you, so glad you like it. Can’t wait to get back there and start putting the pieces together!!xx

  2. absolutely love the paper. I was trying to introduce a similar idea by using the F & B grasses wallpaper. thought would love amazing but the ceilings just werent tall enough in the bathroom i wanted to use it in and i was just worried it may look a bit ‘squat’ if you know what i mean. im green with envy as would love to use this. totally can’t wait to see it up ! only ever use a mural once on a project – was a mr perswall one – was nervous whole way through but end result was brilliant so stay strong as you know it’ll look amazing 🙂

    • Karen Knox says

      Ha. Thanks Fiona. It is a special paper indeed. Each drop is 3m so it’ll be interesting to see how it looks in a 2.7m high ceiling with chunky skirting, picture rail and coving. I think we worked out we’d only get to use about 2.5m length of each drop. Gonna be a real headache to hang, glad i’m not doing it! 🙂

  3. This room is going to be AMAZING! Your plan is incredible, I love the wallpaper and well, everything else! So excited to see it all come to life!

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