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The Drawing Room – Final Reveal

Am so excited to share the final reveal of this project with you. I’ve been working closely with the homeowners for the last five months and i’m kind of wow-ed with the final design.

If you’d like to read all about the beginnings then, jump over here for a catch up. Today’s post is all about the final photos and a shopping list for any of you out there that fancy any of these pieces for yourself.

Let’s go.



Here is their large Edwardian front room at the beginning of July this year. These guys had just moved in and were wanting a formal, but statement front room fit for drinks, music and entertaining.



And here it is now. It’s just so cosy isn’t it? In fact, after doing my final hour of faffing and half way through me taking photos, I was desperate for a quick cat nap on the sofa in front of that roaring fire. So nice.



Everything in the room was going. Apart from the two Ritchie sofas and the mid century style coffee table. I tried to squeeze a gold and glass coffee table into the budget, but alas, it didn’t make it. But I think we just about pulled it off.



We’ve transformed what was an unwelcoming, large and rather bland front room into a sophisticated Drawing Room and we’re all so pleased with the end result.

Now on with the full tour. No talking.




  • Floor Lamp – Ebay


  • Geometric Pendant – Nordium (spray painted gold before being fitted)
  • Coving & Ceiling Rose – Farrow & Ball Pointing
  • Ceiling – Farrow & Ball Matchstick



  • Blue and Gold Cushions – H&M






  • Tribe Table Lamp – Marks & Spencer



A lot of people have asked about the gold beading… it’s simply gold metallic paint used to paint around the original rounded edges of plasterwork.


  • Black and Glass Console Table – La Redoute


  • Mantle Piece Styling – Bits and bobs and random charity shop finds


So there you have it. If there’s anything missing from the shopping list, i’ve either pilfered it from another room in the house or picked it up from a charity shop on one of my hunting afternoons. Anything that doesn’t have a link, means it’s now sold out i’m afraid.


A huge thanks to the homeowners on this project who allowed me to push them a little further than they may have initially wanted to go. Thanks once again for their hard work sanding floors, painting, furniture building, light fitting etc. Yes, these guys (apart from the wallpapering) have done all of the work themselves. More proof that Interior Design is for everyone, even those of you who just want to get on with it yourself. So whilst the room design itself was all in my head, these guys executed it to perfection.

What a difference.

I’d genuinely love to hear your thoughts on this project. I know some of you were sceptical about us wallpapering the whole room when I previously wrote about the idea a few months ago. As were the homeowners themselves if you remember. Yes, it’s bold, but they’ve got a room that looks like nobody else’s, whilst simultaneously looking and functioning like a traditional drawing room.

I’m looking forward to seeing what you guys think in the comments below. Hope you like it!!



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