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The Pre-reveal – The Loft Extension Wk 16

Week 16?

Is it?

I’ve lost count now to be honest. It feels like we’ve been living in another universe where time as we know it doesn’t exist.


We were hoping to be done for Christmas. And we should have been really. Easily. But we weren’t. And it was fine (it wasn’t, but you know what I mean). So the project continues into 2017 and every time I think we might have just one more week left to wait, something crops up. I’m fed up of waiting for the final reveal post now, so i’m going to have to write this Preveal post, just to satisfy myself really. Oh and to keep you guys up to date too I guess. And if i’m being totally honest, to thank all the brands that are working with me for being so patient throughout this whole project. I’ll be giving them a little shout out so you know who they are…

First off, some slightly better photos of the staircase.


Instead of a landing balustrade, I really wanted boxed in plasterwork. Clean, flat lines to compliment the simplicity of the white square edged staircase stringers. And it’s done. It just needs its final coat of paint.


All spaces painted in Dulux Trade Diamond Matt in White from their Light and Space range

I love this view from our bedroom door. You don’t really see the staircase at all do you? Just what we wanted. Although we will be having a white, powder coated, metal handrail that will run up the edge of the staircase and get us past building regs. This is getting measured up next week, but we won’t have that until the end of February now I wouldn’t have thought.

When the sunshine joins us, the light that passes through the open risers is all kinds of special. A real joy to sit and appreciate for a moment.


So what else has happened? 

The black, birch stained sliding doors to our hanging rail and eaves storage was fitted a week before Christmas.

They’ve turned a pretty unusable area of the loft into the most glorious storage space that was ever built. And do you know what? We’ve managed to get everything we had in the loft before the build (minus some tip runs and charity shop drops) back in there. Result!

This time last week, on New Year’s Eve, we had our first proper overnight guests staying in this room. My nesting and faffing, mum mode stepped up a gazillion notches in an attempt to make this loft room (with no heating) as cosy and comfortable as possible.


Wall lights from Factorylux

You’re only getting this one photo of the bedroom. You’re gonna have to wait a tiddly bit longer to see the room as a whole. I know. I’m annoying. But ya know, i’ve got a couple of extra pieces to add to the pot, and some skirting to paint before the room is looking its best for the le grande reveal post!

The bathroom on the other hand, has been a right pain in the arse. Honestly, i’ve never known a bathroom fit take SO LONG. Jesus. A tile a day it’s felt like.

Rather sexy towel heater and radiator from Soak

Progress since has not been helped with our plumber getting the flu, other fun issues here and there and those bloomin’ Christmas hols. Totally unnecessary, we were painting on Boxing day. Pffft!

We now have a fully tiled bathroom with beautiful marble effect, hexagonal tiles from British Ceramic Tile. Everyone who has seen this space so far has commented on the tiles. I love them. Our sink sits proudly on the wall with the most stunning black tap, waste and bottle trap from Olif Design. Who’d a thunk you’d ever see the words ‘Stunning’ and ‘Bottle Trap’ in the same sentence?

So what’s left to do?

  • Fit rest of shower (two screws missing, waiting on those) and enclosure (last minute swap)
  • Hang mirror
  • Paint A LOT
  • Lay the landing floor, sand and seal
  • Build eaves storage on landing
  • Hang pics
  • Fit skirting, handle, rail, hooks and other stuff I can’t think of right now
  • Some faffing
  • Bit more fiddling

That’s about it. Well it won’t be, there will be another list by the end of next week i’m sure. But i’m hoping by mid January I will be sharing a post with less words and more pics but most importantly with the words FINAL REVEAL in the title.

To end, a little reminder of what our loft space looked like at the beginning of September 2016….

Before and….. ??

Big thanks to British Ceramic Tile, Dulux, Olif Design, JT Trays, Mira and Soak for hanging on in there with me. I promise we’re so nearly there!!


  1. I so can’t wait to see the final reveal! I am majorly in love with your bathroom. I also love that storage you’ve had built in. Nearly there now!

    • I really hope we are. 16 weeks! It’s mental when we were told it would take about 8. I love that storage too. The black stained ply is all kinds of amazing 🙂

  2. Flora says

    Oh Karen, it’s looking so cool already! It must be frustrating to have to be so ridiculously patient, but it is shaping up so well, and I enjoyed the ‘preveal’ peek! 🙂 Can’t wait to see the proper after photos, and I love how the sunlight streams through that staircase… I’d be all over that on instagram..!


    • Thanks Flora. I’m so not a patient person at all, so this has tested every cell and fibre of my being. Roll on the final reveal!!

  3. I can’t wait to see this space in all it’s glory and wonder! It’s looking gorgeous so far – so stylish and design-y!! (is that a word? you know what I mean) Love it so far, it’s amazing how far you’ve come! LAST STRETCH BABY. And then a bit more faffing because, it’s never really DONE done is it? xxx

    • Haha. I might host a faffing party with all my fave faffing friends. You of course would be top of the list!! I like the word “design-y” 🙂 it’s a keeper!xx

  4. Jenny says

    I love that sink and the tiles. LOVE. Might steal that whole look. It all looks fabulous. Well done.

  5. freshdesignblog says

    What a transformation when you see the before picture! It’s looking lovely – gorgeous hex tiles and lovely and light.

    • I know. It’s mad to see how much light is up there when it was pitch black 4 months ago. I guess that’s what 2m tall windows do for a room!x

  6. kate says

    Still loving that staircase Karen! And those hex tiles are beautiful too xx

  7. It’s looking so good, I love the tiles in your bathroom especially and can’t wait for the final reveal! (P.S. what does your little boy think of the room? I bet he loves the view from the window!) X

    • Oh yeah, he LOVES it. He’s always asking to go up there and just hang out. He’s already asked if it can be his bedroom 🙂 x

  8. Wow! What an exciting pre reveal! This space is so wonderful, and can’t wait to see the finishing touches that you add in! 🙂 good luck on the home stretch! X

  9. There is nothing in here that I don’t LOVE! Stairs, wardrobes, bathroom, brick wall, lights, art, plant – ALL of it is so gorgeous! If that space was in my house, I’d be up there every chance I got feeling pretty chuffed! It is true what they say, isn’t it – building work never goes as per scheduled timelines and/or budget. But the end is in sight, so very nearly there!

    • Thanks Meera. We’re thinking of having a bit of a party once it’s all done to celebrate. So can’t wait for it to be done!!x

  10. Really cannot get enough of this space Karen. You’ve done a smashing job. I hope you get a nice big G&T very soon!

    Also, those marble tiles are LIFE.

  11. Hex tiles! They look gorgeous! Really original. I love how they’ve finished off the stairs with the nice chunky wall bits (don’t know the right words – its not really a bannister is it?) Any whoo! I love all the clean lines and the way the light filters. You must be really chuffed.

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