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An Introduction to Project: Bedroom 4

I’m back with a new project to share with you guys this week, at a property you will have probably seen before a fair few times.


The Drawing Room – December 2016

Directly above this room is this room:

Upper Brook Street Minuit

Upper Brook Street Project – May 2017

And directly above this room is this room:

Yes, we’re now onto the top floor of this Edwardian home. The homeowners are tackling bedroom four and five, plus what will become the main family bathroom, with a bit of help from me again. Be rude not to eh?

Bedroom five, as shown on the floorplan below is kind of done, except for lighting, window dressing and the final faff. So i’ve been asked to help with the finishing touches for that space. More on that room coming in another blog post soon. For today i’m focusing on bedroom four as that space has proved to be slightly more tricky to sort.

It’s pretty large but there are plenty of angles in this space with the ceiling being pitched on nearly all sides.

Gorgeous windows in the eaves of the roof.

Annoyingly the door opened onto what would become the wall for a king-size bed. So that needed re-hanging. Which meant the light switch needed moving to the other side of the door.

Not too much of an issue as the whole room needed rewiring anyway in order to update it to modern day standards in terms of safety and sheer amount of electrical equipment needing sockets these days. Two double sockets for a room this size didn’t quite cut it. Time to knock that teeny cupboard out and chock out for re-wiring then… no big deal…..


Ever tried chocking out on a 100+ year old wall? I have it on good authority it’s not plain sailing. Original Edwardian laths anyone? Turns out a new wall needed building for this room (and the adjacent one – obv).

These guys also wanted to knock out the brick fireplace and replace it with a reclaimed cast iron fire. So it looked like the whole room was getting re-skimmed at this point. In for a penny….

Old fire out, electrics rewired, door rehung, new heating, carpets up and out and whole room re-skimmed. We now had a blank canvas. Time to get this room finished! It doesn’t have the best light and testers we’ve tried so far in this room look much greyer than we’d like. So instead of trying to make a dark room feel light, you guessed it.

Bedroom 4 – moodboard

Yep. We’re going to be using Abigail Ahern’s Madison Grey over all of the walls, woodwork and ceiling. All of it. I know! The homeowners already had the bed and bedsides from their previous house, so that saved us some money on the big ticket items.

The MADE Lansdowne furniture and Elori clothes rail from La Redoute provide the base for the room with it’s dark, walnut toned wood. The floorboards for this room are in pretty good nick, so in true money saving fashion, they’re getting painted just like the bedroom on the floor below.

Copper and burnt orange are the accent colours for this room which we’re bringing in via the gorgeous Soho Copper rug from Louis de Poortere’s Made Men collection. The Float copper and walnut plug in wall lights compliment the dark wood perfectly whilst leaving the bedside tables clear for guests to pop their bits and bobs on.

Given my clients’ love of copper and warm metallics, the stunning Bubble chandelier from Dowsing & Reynolds is being made up with copper bulb holders and ceiling rose especially for this project. Can’t wait to collect it later this week!

More burnt orange and copper will be added with the Seattle Armchair, Alana copper dressing table from MADE along with the grey and Lulea copper stool from Maisons du Monde. The reclaimed cast iron fire will also be painted in a metallic copper paint so it pops off the black walls. And here’s the fun bit…. we’re going to try a copper patina paint effect behind the bed too.

I’d love to have a go at something like this…. looks pretty simple from the video no? Just need to convince my lovely clients on this bit. Might just have to go around one day and do it when they’re out. “Breaking & Decorating”

So whaddya think of the ideas behind Bedroom 4 Project? I know copper is a bit of a love hate metallic finish, but we’re going to be adding lots of earthy rusty colours to temper the bling and soften the space. I can’t wait to get my teeth into this one, let me know your thoughts in the comment box below!










  1. Looks gorgeous! Copper and burnt orange tones look amazing with dark grey. I discovered your blog late last year and love it. Love your practicality and common sense mixed with such a strong eye for great design. Looking forward to the next set of pix! (And when I do eventually buy a house, will you come to Edinburgh to help me out with it?)

    • Karen Knox says

      Oh well what a lovely comment. Thank you. And sure, i’ve worked with people all over the country with the ole e-design service. Nay bother 🙂

  2. Jo Williams says

    Love it. That plug in lamp is a great find that I’m gonna try to persuade my husband we should get for our kitchen as we don’t want to channel anything in, but I’m fed up of chopping on the worktop in shadow as the spotlight is behind me when I’m stood there. I’ve long admired Cowboy Kate’s metallic patina’d walls so I’d love to see how it’s done x

  3. Mouli says

    How exciting, I hope you get permission – can’t wait to see the end result

  4. I love love love the look of this project. I had no idea all these amazing Room designs were in the same house. What lucky people. I’m still in love with copper so this room really speaks to me. Love the made dressing table and all the lights, especially the plug in copper ones. Can’t wait to see how this turns out.

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