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Our Bedroom Plans – The Nude Room

Bedroom Moodboard The Nude Room

I’ve finally decided on plans for our bedroom. If you remember, I mentioned the bedroom was the next room i’d be switching up, here in this post where I showed you before and after pictures of our whole house.

Our bedroom has always gotten lovely feedback, being featured in Real Homes magazine, by Abigail Ahern on MADE.COM and Apartment Therapy. So you know, this little room has certainly earned its keep.

It’s been like this for over three years now, which is a long time for me to not fiddle with a room. But the one thing i’ve always found about this space is that it was a bit of a black sheep alongside  the rest of the house. Or teal sheep.

Our home is “Monochrome and Materials”. It’s Scandinavian design inspired with a large helping of mid-century (because it’s a mid-century house). Whilst being neutral there is plenty of colour added with artwork, plants and accessories but for the fundamental scheme for the house, there are no “colours” on the wall. It’s either black, white or texture. I want the bedroom to jump onto the neutral band wagon, without it being black or white, because as much as I love colour and use it a lot in my work, my default is monochrome.

Our house scheme as a moodboard – made up of actual pictures of the walls and surfaces in our home

To me, being really fussy, the teal-y blue kind of jars. It doesn’t link or connect with any other room in the house, furniture and decor, yes, but wall (and ceiling) colour, no. It’s taken me over a year to get to this point where I think i’ve finally decided on what neutral to add to our bedroom. It’s not black or white but it seems to reconnect the bedroom with the rest of the house:

New house scheme featuring Benjamin Moore’s Fox Hedge Tan as the wall and ceiling colour

It’s very subtle-y “a colour” without being a colour. It’s not blush, or pink, I definitely didn’t want a pink room, not with all the oak furniture. This peachy- skin colour ties in with the browns and tans of the living room, the exposed plaster in the kitchen/diner and natural tones of the birch and OSB whilst working beautifully with all that black. My OH refers to it as “foundation”. And he’d be right. I actually had my foundation out when choosing a colour, which is nowhere near as dark as this btw, i’m so pale i’m almost translucent, especially in the winter months.


It seems this potential ‘nude-tral’** update has sparked civil unrest over on Instagram with cries of “NO, PLEASE DON’T PAINT YOUR BEDROOM THAT COLOUR” (only one of those to be fair). I even failed in the vote, with 59% of you giving it the big thumbs down.

** husband requests all credit for that one.

I love hearing what you guys think. I don’t think it will change my plans (much) but it does certainly make me ponder about colour and how people react differently to it. Remember that post I wrote a few months ago about Nude Interiors? You all seemed to like it then…. definitely worth a read if you’re looking for inspiration.

Instagram post for Would you go Nude?

As part of the poll on Insta Stories, I added a moodboard showing the plans for the bedroom to give that tester on a wall some context. Here is what i’ve got in my mind:

Bedroom Moodboard

  • Nude-tral walls, ceiling and woodwork – Benjamin Moore’s Fox Hedge Tan
  • Vertical beading along back wall to add some visual depth to what’s going to be a very “tonal” room.
  • Burned Planks LaminateQuick Step 
  • Rusty brown velvet curtains
  • Ikea Ekenaset Armchair reupholstered in an umber corduroy
  • Black Arm Wall Lights (maybe re-use what we already have?)
  • George Nelson Bubble Ball Pendant Light
  • Bedding – Whites and Pink-y salmon washed cotton
  • Artwork framed in black frames
  • Current furniture the same – i’m not rich!

So why are you changing the flooring?

Good question. We currently have what we think is a solid oak floor, which was there already when we moved in. Now I like oak, but not too much of it. So this room is a bit too oak-y for me at the moment, hence me covering as much of it as possible with a big rug. That and the floor is a potential death trap. Ok, trip hazard.

Seems it was laid before the wood had been acclimatised and since, it’s expanded and contracted that much, you can now lose a couple of toes down some of the gaps. Add that to the creaks of doom that wake the child as we try and sneak to the loo at night, it’s finally time to get this floor out and a new one put down. To prevent the same happening again, we decided to opt for a laminate. We currently have Quick Step through our downstairs and it’s so easy to look after and doesn’t have a life of its own. Nobody need their flooring to be moving about now do they? Life’s hard enough.

Quick Step Burned Planks

Quick Step Burned Planks

Instead of oak, I wanted a black floor this time. I know, I know, it’s like an addiction. I can’t do a room without a bit of black can I? But I think a black floor in here will be pretty awesome. A room going from dark teal to nude is going to freak me out a bit, so a black floor is my comfort blanket. It also ties in with the black stained birch doors we have in our loft bedroom.

So then, what do you think? Still not a fan of the nude-y room? Or does it make a bit more sense now i’ve explained my reasons behind everything? You can be honest, I spoke to my hubby about this and his exact words were, “I think you’ve probably overthought this a bit, Karen”. Well duh! You reckon??


  1. Oh that teal!! It is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.. but i get that its not the same midcentury vibe as the rest of your gorgeous rooms, and so it has to go. Truly, I hate the tan.. it reminds me of bad tights and sensible knickers (although its the right colour for a decent mug of tea). But if anyone can make it work you can. Do it!!

    • Karen Knox says

      Haha. That’s made me laugh. At least I know where you stand on the Tan, Debbie! 🙂

  2. Sue C says

    I bet when you painted it teal 3 years ago you had a lot of feedback re not painting it dark? Remember no one else’s head is full of the things that you are seeing – whether that is trade shows, Instagram, other blogs. It’s likely, knowing you that you are at the start of something and that it will lead the way for others to follow. It’s only paint! It will transform the space and bring unity. I think that whole mood board looks sophisticated and made me feel that I was looking at ELLE magazine.

  3. Joe Say says

    I think it will look stunning. That colour seems restful for a bedroom.

    I have a black floor in my front room ( which shows every bit of dust and cat hair) but it is so visually satisfying to have a dark floor.

    Anyway, who cares what people think…My bedroom is F&B Mouse’s back and people think it looks “drab”and “like sludge” but I love it. X

  4. ok, I confess I voted no in your insta poll but I do think it looks lovely with that black floor 😉 I’m sure you’ll make it work whatever, I think it’s just the name “tan” I’m struggling with, presumably they research these paint names before they decide on them?!

  5. Anonymous says

    I always wondered where your inspo for the teal came from?! 🙂 My bathroom is now black. The colour it should have always been! This is my fave mood board of yours to date…an absolute triumph! have a stunning white truffle corduroy – check it out! Excited to see this unfold. Looks gorge!

  6. I adore the new look! I think it’s sophisticated and warm and I love the idea of adding that grounding black flooring. Of course, I’m not personally into deep blue colours (I can admire it from afar, just not what I like to live with) but that makes zero difference because I’m not living there! Ha! But I do think those warmer shades immediately make me feel comforted and connected which is probably why I love it as much as I do. xxx

  7. I loved the ‘Nudes’ post you did a while back. I confess to being fonder of the blush-y shades rather than the biscuit-y shades but that black floor is going to make this work beautifully. Looking forward to seeing what you do! Also confess to being unconvinced by the brown velvet curtains, but then I lived through the Seventies in all their brown textural horror…

  8. Hi Karen,

    I love the new ‘nude’ look for your bedroom and I’m confident the finished room will look fabulous and restful.

    Would you mind telling me what software you use to put your furniture mood board together please?

    Thanks in advance,

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