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Would you go nude? – The interior trend that’s barely there – Nude Walls


So yeah, a bit of a click-baity title I admit. No bums, boobs or body parts to see here people. It’s all about the nude walls today.

Monument, New Black, and Temple

Maybe it’s all this gorgeous weather we’re having that’s got me focussing on just how pale my pins are (like, really!) but since writing the Paint and Paper Library post where this picture above featured, i’ve been busy researching the best fleshy toned, nude paint colours out there. Because if you don’t already know, pink or “blush” aint going anywhere for a while… it is however, getting a little darker than those candy sweet pinks we’ve seen over the past four years or so. Think flesh tones, American tan tights, foundation samples, a touch more terracotta, peach… or dare I say it, “beige”. Yes, neutrals are on their way baby, but not in a boring way. Oh bloody hell no siree. Check out some of the best nude shades i’ve found and note how these barely there, neutrals can really pack a punch.

China Clay Deep – Little Greene

Homes and Antiques  

Photography: Katya De Grunwald, Styling: Ali Attenborough


Farrow & Ball – Setting Plaster

Emma Gurner Folds Inside



Farrow & Ball – Dead Salmon


Farrow & Ball – Smoked Trout

Annie Selke

Smoked Trout F&B

Design Soda


JotunLady – 20047 Blushing Peach

LADYJOTUN Blushing Peach 20047


JotunLady – Deco Pink 2782 

2782 Deco Pink


Craig & Rose – Fresh Plaster

Craig & Rose Fresh Plaster

Inside Her Home


Dulux – Soft Stone


Earthborn – Peach Baby



Mylands – Threadneedle

Mylands Threadneedle Emilie Fournet

Mylands Threadneedle Emilie Fournet

Emilie Fournet Interiors


Annie Sloan – Old Ochre

So what do you think? Would you dare to go bare on your walls? I’m pretty certain i’ll be ordering a few of these samples for an up and coming project where we’ll be going all out NUDE. A wash of nude. Everything in slightly varying tones of nudes, with a pop of black of course, because ya know, I like that.

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  1. Gilly says

    Yes I definitely would go nude Karen, I love these colours! My friend did her kitchen in Setting plaster yonks ago and it looked fab. I haven’t used these shades in my home yet but hey, there’s time…..! Xx

  2. Anna says

    Last summer I had already chosen Setting Plaster from F&B to soften the walls in my grey/white/living room, full of wooden furniture with a touch of brinjal. But I was a little bit hesitant. Now I have the confirmation that walls like these are simply beautiful. Keep calm and carry on, they seem to tell us!

  3. Sophie says

    I wasn’t expecting to like these colours but I absolutely did! I have been looking for some inspiration for decorating my new home in Devon and I’ll definitely bear some of these shades in mind. I like that they’re more unusual than white but still part of that neutral palette.

  4. Kathryn says

    I really love Jotun colour palettes – do you know if this brand is sold in the UK? I’m struggling to find a supplier.

  5. June Frankis says

    Have just redecorated living room . Feature wall was crowns Smoulder rest of room white. Feature wall now painted crowns Hare rest Skimming Stone F&B. Hare is almost in the nude category very calm but with gentle warm hue. Am loving it. Like you think this trend could run

  6. Sarah says

    I just redid floors with tan wood tone tile after plumbing issues under foundation. Was trying to pick cabinet paint colors. Was goung firest grwen then decided to try and match the floor. Had a nude handbag sitting on the floor and it looked fabulous. So I mixed all my paint samples together and ended up with a nudie Caucasian peachy beige. I NEVER thought id do a beige. To me beige meant boring but this nude peach seems so oddly bold. The next day I realized I almost perfectly matched the color of a band aid/finger plaster but I think its going to be great. If not, the amazing thibg about paint is that it can just be repainted again.

  7. Shenandoah Ogaldez says

    Hi Karen Knox
    What’s the name of the paint, I love it I want do my room this color but is hard to find. thank you

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