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When is a light not just a light?

Markslojd Lighting

I’ve not done a lighting round up for ages, which is kind of odd as i’ve been researching lighting for several big projects recently. During my recent searches i’ve found some proper gems too, and you know me, when I see designs that excite me as much as these do, I just have to share.

Behold! My six favourite designs from Swedish design brand, Markslojd, all available at Wayfair.


And the best thing about these six lights, is that they’re doing more than light up. These designs are hard working offering genius solutions for small but perfectly formed spaces.

When one of Markslöjd’s designers comes up with a new idea, it takes one year before they have a finished product. The reason for this is because of their high demands for safety and quality. Products should not just look good, they should also have a good length of life. With a combination of investment in design and quality, many of Markslöjd’s products have become classics.

Number 1.


Tray 3-Light LED Kitchen Island Pendant

Upon first glance this doesn’t look all that different to what you might have already found online yourselves. But note the word “tray” in the product name.

Plants on a tray? Ok yeah, what’s that got to do with anything?

You can only bloomin’ put the tray inside the light. How cool is that? What a design statement for over a dining table or kitchen island. Pop your fresh herbs on top and you’ve got another shelf at hand and some greenery for those shelfie addicts out there. Very clever indeed.


Number 2.

Carson 1-Light Armed Sconce

This stylish Carson 1-Light LED Armed Sconce with USB connection and a dimmer is perfect for the hallway or a bedroom where space is limited.

To be honest, this could pretty much work anywhere. In the home office, bedroom, hallway… The dimmer and USB make this a great addition to any space. And the fact it’s a plug in, it can go anywhere. No need for chocking out and wiring in.


Number 3.

Life 1-Light LED Flush Mount

When a light is also art. I’ve been looking for a wall light to plug in and hang in our hallway as a statement-y “evening light”. You know, so you don’t have to put the big light on to see where you’re going. Initially, it was going to be a Neon something or other, but the prices put me off. That and the fact that they only really look amazing when they’re a) on a large wall and b) switched on. THIS however is pretty minimal and would make me smile, switched on or off.

Sofia Wistam designed this Life 1-Light LED Flush Mount as a celebration of Markslojd existence. A symbol of strength, love and passion, it’s inspired by an ECG-curve – a beating heart that reminds us of how important it is to make every second count.

Coming in two sizes, 40cm and 70cm i’d say most of us could find a spot on our wall for one of these. I know I can.

Number 4.

Multi 1-Light Flush Mount

Absolutely spot on for those bedrooms where there’s just no room for a bedside table, or an apartment where a side table isn’t an option by the sofa. With a USB outlet for charging devices and a light bulb that can be placed either side of the shelf (although I can’t for the life of me work out how that’s actually possible), it’s a brilliantly versatile piece that would fit into so many spaces.

Love the idea of this in a kitchen for phone/tablet charging and recipe books/ebooks where worktop space is tight.

Peeeetee, can we have this in our kitchen pleeease?

Number 5.

Key Box

No prizes for guessing what this light’s secondary function is then…

You can dim the lamp, hang up keys and charge the mobile phone through the USB socket.

What a great solution for those of you that continuously lose your keys. Pop this right by the front door and you’re good to go.

Number 6.

Pablo 1-Light LED Flush Mount

This Pablo 1-Light LED Flush Mount creates an art gallery feeling in your home. Put your favourite things on display for everyone to admire!

I love the idea of framing and literally highlighting pieces that are special to you. Maybe it’s an old family photo, a pebble or shell from a honeymoon beach walk, a plane ticket, anything that deserves its own shelf really. A group of these would work beautifully as an alternative to a gallery wall (but i’d certainly want to have them wired into the mains if you were going for that look to prevent ‘Trailing Cable-Gate’.) Personally, i’d quite like to use one or two of these on a wallpapered wall, to frame and focus on certain areas of the pattern and design. You could have some real fun with these.


So there you have my top six picks from Markslojd‘s lighting collection. They have a load of other pieces that i’ve Pinned for projects too, so do check our the rest of their stuff. But for me, these were the ones that ticked not one, but two boxes and warranted their own blog post. I hope you guys like!?










  1. Wow fantastic discovery! These are all amazing, I love every single one and want them all in my home 😍

  2. Anonymous says

    The ‘heartbeat (T Wave)’ light would be great in a Teen room and particularly love the bedside table one too. We have some big renovations coming up soon – lots of inspiration 🙂

  3. Ideal Flatmate says

    These are amazing Karen, thank you for sharing – we love seeing the clever ways people come up with to maximise small spaces (especially important if they are communal/shared ones) and that gorgeous planter kitchen light is just screaming for an indoor herb garden…!

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