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‘Painted’ Wallpaper from Black Parrots Studio

Black Parrots Studio Painted Wallpaper

About 2.5 years ago I wrote a post about how I was looking for just the right wallpaper to hang in our living room. It’s not a big space, so didn’t want a pattern on all four walls, but something to sit behind the sofa.

Gallery wall mid century, dark interiors

The gallery was ok for a bit, but I knew deep down that there was way too much art in this room. It was time to downsize.

Our house is late mid-century, built in the late 60’s so the proportions reflect that. We don’t have high ceilings, or period features, our rooms are pretty average, size wise. This meant finding a wallpaper was actually really difficult as it couldn’t take anything too busy, but it also needed to do “something” design wise in order to live up to the other walls in the room that are covered in some of my favourite pieces of art.

What i’ve been looking for:

  • A black wallpaper – almost a colour match to the other walls in the room
  • With a design savvy, yet, not overpowering design
  • Late mid-century/70’s vibe with tans, mustards and maybe orange
  • Something that hadn’t already been used by every man and his dog.

At around the same time as I started looking for wallpaper. Sarah Mitchenall was about to win the 2016 series of the Great Interior Design Challenge.

 Sarah on the right with her design partner, Alexa.

“Alexa and I have known each other for years and years. We’ve always shared the same kind of aesthetics and love for quite similar things. Over the years we had conversations about starting a business together and in fact just before GIDC we were thinking of starting a lighting business. Then the perfect moment happened when I was accepted onto GIDC giving us the big push to do it.  We even have a couple of lights in our product range. Doing this together we have more confidence; we’re braver, bolder and stronger.”  Interview with Amara Luxpad

As well as continuing to develop their interior design portfolio (which is bloody awesome btw, go see), the ladies launched a small range of wallpapers, fabrics and lighting in 2017.

Painted Wallpaper – Tan & Black

You know when people say; I know what I don’t want, but I can’t quite work out what I do want? Well I was getting to that point with my wallpaper search. So I kind of switched off from it completely. And exactly when I stopped looking, I came across Black Parrots Painted wallpaper. I was like, that’s it!! That’s the one!

I don’t think this could have been more perfect so I quickly ordered a sample to see how the black fared next to the other walls in the room, and whilst it’s not a 100% match, it was as near as damn it. Wanna see?

Mid century Interior Styling

The oh so very retro/70’s reference in the design and the proportion of the pattern and repeat meant the overall design wasn’t too busy, but just enough to give this side of the room exactly what it needed.

The pattern actually makes the room feel bigger. Because my eye is now scanning the whole width of the wall instead of just the old central gallery wall.

Black Parrots Painted Wallpaper

Black Parrots Studio Painted Wallpaper

Black Parrots Studio Painted Wallpaper

This wall took two rolls and i’ve got about one drop left, so i’m going to ask my decorator to hang the final drop around that left hand curved wall me thinks. So the whole of the sofa has the pattern wrapped around it.

Black Parrots Studio Painted Wallpaper

So, what do you think? I’m super chuffed with it. My very first wallpaper on a wall at home. I’ve used wallpaper so many times in projects….

…. but was never able to commit to a design for my own home. But finally.

Black Parrots Studio Painted Wallpaper

And just for fun, here are a few extra pics with a filter on to crank up the 70’s feel to 100. I love ’em.

Of course the 70’s were the best decade, 1978 in particular was a good year (yes i’m going to be 40 soon. Arse!) You’ll certainly be seeing more from that era coming through in interiors over the next couple of years, creams, tans and retro styling is certainly on its way. Again.

Hope you like the new addition at chez Making Spaces peeps. And if you’ve not clicked over to the Black Parrots website yet, then now’s your chance…








  1. Hi Karen

    for someone who seems to like black and quirky and some other colours, you might also love this company for some of your future projects.

    I can’t stand black neither on clothes nor in any way in interiors/exteriors, but since their products are pretty spectacular, I thought they might bring you and potential clients some fun and happiness.
    I don’t know them. I’m not on commission or anything. Just sharing.

    Oh, and you can NEVER have enough of wallpaper. I adore the versatility and the infinite colour range and designs available. I can browse wall paper sites for hours. Just for fun. Maybe I need to get out more!

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