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Would you go nude? – The interior trend that’s barely there – Nude Walls

So yeah, a bit of a click-baity title I admit. No bums, boobs or body parts to see here people. It’s all about the nude walls today. Monument, New Black, and Temple Maybe it’s all this gorgeous weather we’re having that’s got me focussing on just how pale my pins are (like, really!) but since writing the Paint and Paper Library post where this picture above featured, i’ve been busy researching the best fleshy toned, nude paint colours out there. Because if you don’t already know, pink or “blush” aint going anywhere for a while… it is however, getting a little darker than those candy sweet pinks we’ve seen over the past four years or so. Think flesh tones, American tan tights, foundation samples, a touch more terracotta, peach… or dare I say it, “beige”. Yes, neutrals are on their way baby, but not in a boring way. Oh bloody hell no siree. Check out some of the best nude shades i’ve found and note how these barely there, neutrals can really pack a punch. …