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The Victorian Cottage (deVOL inspired) Kitchen – Final Reveal

Devol Inspired Kitchen

Hello again! It’s another final reveal post and today it’s the Victorian Cottage (deVOL inspired) Kitchen. The last time I wrote about this project was back in February, which is how long it’s been since I last visited! It’s fair to say this one has been a slow burner.

I have taken so many photos of this project i’ve struggled to keep them down to a minimum. But there are definitely less than 30 50.

Let me remind you of the space on my first visit…

Victorian Cottage Kitchen Before


This cottage has an awkward shape and size kitchen. There are seven doors off this space, it is literally the heart of the house, leading to the:

  • utility room
  • sitting room
  • garden room
  • first floor
  • cellar
  • storage cupboard
  • study

Victorian Cottage Kitchen before

Not only are there seven doors, there’s an almost floor to ceiling window and huge chimney breast with faux brick surround. Wall space is officially limited.

Layout before

The U-shaped kitchen, with the peninsular chopped the room in half. The kitchen half of the room was originally overloaded with base and wall cabinets. The number of base cabinets made the cooking area feel busy and cramped, whilst the wall cabinets ruined the line and view of the beautiful wooden beams that criss-crossed the ceiling space.

Renovation Budget

On the other side of the peninsular, the dining area felt relatively spacious but struggled with its low ceilings and even lower light levels. Time to make some changes…

Layout – After

The plan was to open up the room by downsizing the number of cabinets and reconfigure them. Instead of the U shape, we snaked the base cabinets around the corner in an S shape. We also put the attached utility room and cellar/pantry space to better use, meaning less needed to be stored in the actual kitchen.

Renovation Budget

Before – Door to utility room

We still wanted it to look like a Victorian cottage kitchen, but no gingham, pelmets, dangling kitchen-y bits or anything remotely twee. So after several (long) months and a few set backs and hiccups along the way…. here’s how it looks now:


And breathe. The room feels so much lighter, brighter and spacious, despite going darker on the cabinets.

All woodwork and kitchen Doors painted in Paint Paper Library Stable Green

Yes, these are the same cabinets as before and in fact, this section, didn’t change all that much layout wise. But it’s fair to say the difference is pretty stark. I absolutely love this before and after. It’s a prime example of how the right colours, finishes and attention to detail can make one billion percent difference.

The homeowner’s dream was to have a new deVOL kitchen, but alas, due to another huge project running at the same time as this (a two bedroom holiday let) budgets were already allocated elsewhere. But it looks a bit deVOL-y after its update don’t cha think?

Dark stained oak worktop, black appliances, low iron glass splashback fitted over the wallpaper

The simple, paired styling using handmade pieces in natural materials adds a warmth to the space without being overly fussy or feeling cluttered. New kitchens with their hard lines and surfaces can often look cold and clinical but this space feels warm and welcoming, just like it’s always been here.

I’m just going to post a load of before and after photos now, because that’s what you’re all here for eh?

Copper Sink and Franke Copper Tap

Before - Renovation Budget



Bespoke wrap around kitchen shelves with hidden fixings



(sorry I know this is a terrible shot, but it’s a real pig shooting right into direct light)

This door leads into the Garden Room which I will be revealing on the next blog. So excited to share that with you so you can see how these two spaces connect and relate.



I just love seeing all the elements of the room come together in this shot. It makes me so very happy. And see what I mean about all the doors? There’s another one off to the right as well.

Long and narrow Reclaimed Pine Table – Peppermill Antiques

Little Greene – Great Ormond St Signature Wallpaper

Victorian Fox Girl

During - Renovation Budget



Antique Brass Reeded Glass Wall Lights

Bench – HM Home

Sing Me A Song – Fy

Renovation Budget



Paintbox Avocado Green Tiles – Mandarin Stone

Brass square edged tile trim

It’s one of my favourite before and afters because we didn’t actually change all that much, but the changes we made have made such an impact, I am absolutely thrilled with the results. Client’s message this week:

“The most beautiful room ever – thank you!”

HK Living Cutting boards 

Am so so happy for her and the rest of the family of course, whom I have it on good authority love the new space, despite not being allowed to use the new chopping boards, because “they’re just for show”. Lady of the house’s orders – not mine. Get ’em used I say – you have my permission!

I really hope you love this finished project as much as we do. I have pushed my client (also called Karen) a lot along the way, but we finally got there and I couldn’t be happier for her.

Here’s Karen, calling Boris her naughty dog to get out of shot

The Victorian Cottage Kitchen, Garden Room (coming to the next blog) and acre of gardens are available to hire for events – follow and contact Karen here for more info. Her place is just amazing!


  1. Amazing transformation!! I love how much warmer it looks and the wallpaper is just the most perfect finishing touch! I’m always in awe of your vision, Karen xxx

  2. Judith Patel says

    I love how this room seems so inviting and open despite darker colours. The colours are so warm. You are one very talented lady. 😍😍

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