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The Best of 2018 – Your favourite posts on Making Spaces this year

Hello everyone, i’m back for my final post for 2018, my 60th post. It’s been a jam packed year, with as many projects taking place at Making Spaces HQ as there have been client projects. I’m going to run down your 10 favourite posts this year, the ones that got you reading and sharing. Then i’ll end with my favourite post, because, as you well know, this blog is all about me and my opinion.

Kidding obv.

So counting down from 10 to 1, here are the posts from 2018 as clicked on by you lot:

Third Time Lucky? August 2018

This one was a bit of a gut wrencher to write, but you guys were absolute legends, with your most wonderfully kind comments and the number of votes too. You got me shortlisted and on a train to London for the Amara Interior Blog Awards, and whilst I didn’t win, i’ll be forever grateful for your support and well wishes.


Kitchen Facelift -Goodbye White Gloss, May 18

MADE.COM photoshoot

It seems I wasn’t alone in falling out of love with all things gloss in the kitchen. I never really loved it, so we had a lil update this spring. This was part 1. Worth a read if you too aren’t a fan of your own kitchen but don’t want a complete overhaul.


Kitchen Facelift – Final Reveal, June 18

Making Spaces Plywood Kitchen

Yay, you came back in June to see what we’d done with our kitchen. I’m still super happy with our mini kitchen update, feels much more us in there now. Come and see what we did!

Monochrome Family Bathroom – Final Reveal, April 18

Monochrome Bathroom Final Reveal by Making Spaces

Well this was a whopper of a project that was a pleasure to work on. A complete redesign of a family bathroom where the tiles, albeit simple, certainly made a statement. Oh and don’t forget the bespoke built in cabinet, vanity unit and sexiest laundry bin you ever did see.


Copper Bedroom – Final Reveal, May 18

MADE Copper Dressing Table

Another project final reveal, I do love writing these posts. This time it was the Copper bedroom, quite a transformation, if I do say so myself. Definitely worth a look if you’re searching for cost effective ways to add a real wow to your room.


A successful trip to Ikea… and a tiny introduction to ‘Scale’ in interiors, Aug 18

Ikea Gagnet - Scale in Interiors

Quite possibly the longest blog title of 2018, in this post, I share a chair. Sounds pretty boring, but you lot liked it. I did too.


The Plywood Floor – 15 Months On, March 18

Plywood Flooring

This was a re-cap post for those of you that followed our loft conversion back in winter 2016/17. We used plywood for our loft flooring and a lot of you wanted to know how it had been holding up. So I took some photos and wrote about how it had fared over its first 15 months. A must read if you are thinking of using alternative materials for your floors at home.


My first trip to Ikea for 2018, Jan 18

Ikea Dark Scandinavian Design

Ok, so I write about Ikea quite a lot. I know. But you lot always seem to love those posts and a lot of you that don’t have Ikea close to home really enjoyed seeing room sets from inside the store. There are actually some really key pieces here and worth a look for some interiors inspo. There’s also a picture of my son wearing an orange coat sitting in front one of my favourite wallpapers. What more do you want? BLOOD!?


Office Chairs (you wouldn’t mind having at home), Feb 18

I certainly wasn’t alone in February. SOOO many of you are looking for office chairs for your home work space that aren’t ugly as sin. This still gets clicked on a lot. Like a lot. So much so it nearly came in at number one for 2018. Who’d a thunk!?


Let’s talk about white UPVC (and how to paint it), June 18

Painting UPVC

Big yes to this post coming in at number 1. Do you know how many messages I had about this on  Instagram?? Do you?? BLOODY LOADS! And it seems a lot of you have also got your paint brushes out and transformed your own f’ugly plastic doors after reading this post. YES to all the DIY-ers out there and a big middle finger to those annoying nay-sayers who say “you can’t paint UPVC”. Erm, yes Dave, you can, now bugger off.


So that was your top 10. Any you’d missed? Well, miss no more by getting a weekly email in your inbox by signing up to the mailing list. Easy peasy.

Anyway, back to me again, here’s my favourite post from 2018….

The Use of Scale & Proportion in Interiors, Sep 2018

Proportion and Scale Interiors

It took me well over a day to research and write. I absolutely love sharing theses lil nuggets of information with you. Proportion and scale plays a HUGE part in the design of spaces, rooms and interiors so if you’re one that enjoys a bit of an analysis session of why one thing works visually and why another looks pants, then this is for you.

Before I sign off for this year, I wanted to wish each and every one of you a very happy and healthy Christmas, and of course a most excellent start to 2019. And of course, thank you for reading.

I hope to see you back here, on these pages in the new year.

Karen x


  1. The Use of Scale & Proportion in Interiors, Sep 2018, was *my* favourite, too! Thank you for all your lovely work this past twelve months and here’s to more of it in 2019 – all the best for Christmas, Karen and family x

    • Karen Knox says

      Thank you so much Jo, so glad you liked that one too 🙂
      All the best to you and yours this festive season!x

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