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A successful trip to Ikea… and a tiny intro to ‘Scale’ in interiors

Ikea Gagnet - Scale in Interiors

One of the things I try and do at home is to buy furniture that’s in keeping with the period of the property. Our 3 bed, semi is 1960’s, so late mid-century. I’m in no way trying to recreate a 1960’s home, that’s not me, I prefer to mix up design styles and eras as they tend to create the most interesting spaces…. BUT I do think post war houses (generally with lower ceilings and no period features of note) look best with mid-century or Scandinavian style furniture. It’s clean, un-fussy, uses lots of natural materials and the size and scale of that furniture works with the 2.4m ceilings and smaller room sizes of that era… and those that followed.

This kind of touches on a whole post i’m still in the process of writing all about ‘Scale’ in interiors. Because some people get it a bit wrong and then wonder why their room feels “off”. It’s very subtle, but a room with the wrong size and scale furniture in just doesn’t work as it doesn’t relate to the six sided cube it’s been put in.

Anyhoo – I digress. More on that another time… The reason I mention this is that I have been looking for an armchair to replace the one that got dragged down from the loft bedroom to our kitchen earlier this year.

The wish-list for the new replacement chair was:

  • Has to have a small footprint and a low back as it sits in the window and should not block the view or light. We paid a lot for those windows and the ceiling in here is only 2.2m high. A standard armchair would feel overpowering. The scale needed to be right for the room
  • Needs to be blonde and black. Whether it be in the frame or the seat, this room is pure monochrome and natural materials
  • Needs to be minimal, with as little frame as possible to let light pass through
  • Comfy enough to sit on for 10 mins or so and big enough to be used as a ‘chair-drobe’ when people stay for the night
  • Have a Scandi/retro vibe to stay in keeping with the rest of the house
  • Not cost more than £200, bearing in mind this is a guest room and the chair wouldn’t be sat in for more than a few minutes a week. If that.

So despite being a chair that will barely be used or even seen (with it being in the guest bedroom) the check list of requirements was pretty prescriptive. So much so, that i’ve been searching for something to fill that space for nearly 6 months. And for someone who spends approximately 9 hours a day researching interiors stuff, i’d say that’s the equivalent of about 27 years in normal human hours. Imagine how much research goes into a whole room design!

Ikea (yet again) came to the rescue, thanks to their recently launched GRATULERA collection.

To celebrate its 75th anniversary, Ikea is resurrecting some of its most famous designs from decades past.

Ikea design classics from the 50’s to the 00’s coming to a store near you in three separate launches, each one focusing on beloved Ikea designs from different decades.

Ikea GAGNET – £70

The August launch of this anniverary collection includes the GAGNET, which was originally released in 1958 when IKEA opened its first store in Sweden, about 5 years before our house was built. This petite, retro design classic with natural materials and black frame were perfect for the spot I have been trying to fill. Thank you Ikea, for finally ending my search!

I love the low profile and how the negative space inside the curved frame lets the light pass through.

I already had the little woven footstool (picked up for £10 from Netto about 3 years ago) so this rattan chair works perfectly with the rest of the pieces in this bedroom corner. A small, yet perfectly formed, understated accent chair for £70. Ace.

Ikea Gagnet

The cork storage boxes were also from Ikea. A set of three for £15. I’m a total sucker for natural materials. And storage. So these were in my trolley as quick as I could say “SAMMANHANG“.

In the same collection as these cork storage boxes is also this cork storage cabinet, which I fell in love with immediately after seeing these pics online.

Alas they didn’t have it in the Leeds store yet, so I couldn’t scope it out properly. But I will and will report back asap, but I predict this will be a huge seller. Fo sho mo fo.

SAMMANHANG Cabinet – £350

I also picked up the YPPERLIG tea light holders from the collection designed by iconic Danish brand, HAY.

YPPERLIG Tea Light Holders – £5

The likelihood is the sheepskin will live on the chair instead of on the floor, so here’s how it will look from now on…

Ikea Gagnet - Scale in Interiors

But for the purposes of this blog post, where i’m actually trying to show you the chair, i’ll end with one more pic of it sans sheepie:

Ikea Gagnet - Scale in Interiors

I’d highly recommend a lil look at some of Ikea’s new product launches. All of these collaborations are really paying off. And the revival pieces aren’t half bad either. Very happy indeed I am. Whatcha think?


  1. Ooh, that chair is a lovely find and I am (Don’t tell Mr IP!) currently reorganising furniture in my head so I can fit in that fabulous cork cabinet. What a beauty!
    Funny too, that I’m posting on Instagram today a mock up made with one of those retro IKEA chairs. Synchronicity!

  2. Yes that chair is fab and when our new IKEA opens here in Greenwich soon, I’ll be in there like a shot.
    The cork cabinet is very nice too – have you seen the furniture in Svenskt Tenn in Stockholm? I think they’ve been inspired by a cabinet they do.
    Also, our house is 1965 and the rooms are spacious and with minimal detail – I agree the mid century stuff looks ‘right’ in the spaces.

  3. Love it! I love IKEA but we haven’t got one anywhere near here. I have been known to rent a van, drive 8 hours, shop long enough to fill the van and drive home again. Also been known to break up long trips with hotels near IKEA… 😉

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