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The Garden Room

The Garden Room

I’m sure you’ve caught a glimpse of the Victorian property i’m working on already, either on here or Instagram. But there’s another space i’ve been working on that leads off from this cottage kitchen.


Through that stable door, there’s The Garden Room. You can just about see it through the window. As i’ve already mentioned, this single skin, timber built conservatory will be knocked down to make way for the big extension in the next few years.

But until then…. we are making good, using every trick in the interior design book to transform this unused space into a room that can serve many purposes, whilst the homeowners save up for the dream kitchen, diner, family room.

Let me show you the floor-plan, so you can see how this large, previously unused Garden Room will be given a new lease of life, function and purpose and some of the tricks we’re using to disguise the quirks imperfections.

The Garden Room Floor Plan

The Garden Room is built off what was originally the external wall of the house, which means all of the ugly gubbins that usually run up and down external walls (foul pipe, cables, wiring and the like) cover the whole length of the room. And whilst some of this stuff has been removed and tucked away, no amount of interiors trickery was going to make this foul pipe look stylish.

It was time to get that boxed in and plastered over. Et voila…

This wall along with all of the others are being painted Paint and Paper Library’s New Black. Black is the best colour to use if you need to disguise dodgy stuff, but as nearly half of the room is just glass (well, it is a conservatory) there will still be plenty of light bouncing around.

Paint Library New Black

We’ve started picking up some pieces to furnish this room once it’s all refurbed and decorated.

This large industrial shelving unit was found in one of their outhouses (very jealous) and will be cleaned, waxed and soon be used to house shoes and outdoor stuff. A beautiful black wooden rocking chair with woven seat was picked up over the Black Friday Weekend too;

For £60!! How pretty is that?!

Then there’s one of these beasts making their way to The Garden Room:

Ikea EKTORP 2 Seater Sofa with Lingbo Cover

I remember spotting this crazy ass couch on a trip to Ikea back in August. As soon as I saw it, I snapped some photos as I knew I’d have to use this in a project somewhere. It’s amazing at £275 for the two seater. I’m sure 50% of you will be muttering these words; “That’s flipping awful, what’s she on about?” Well it’s all about context isn’t it?

I certainly wouldn’t have this at my house, but in a Victorian Cottage Garden Room where i’m trying to distract you from a poo pipe… erm, I’ll take one please!

So here’s a before photo of the seating area:

Plenty of pipes and wire issues here too, excellent!

This is the plan:

The Garden Room Mood Board

Plants + distracting floral sofa + large hen art  + black + more plants = The Garden Room

I think this equation is a safe bet, despite all of the tradespeople doing that thing where they keep tutting and shaking their heads when more things get painted black. Pfft! I have no doubts whatsoever that this is the way to go for this space; exposed brick, black walls and window frames that will outline and enhance the view into their gorgeous garden.


What do you think? Reckon i’m going to be able to pull this one off?


Oh and before I go for this week, I just wanted to say a HUGE thanks to those of you that registered and bought tickets for the very first workshop at Making Spaces HQ. The event sold out in 20 minutes!!

So very grateful to have your support and am really looking forward to meeting those of you that have booked onto the first workshop for 2019. Citing!

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  1. It’s going to look fab. I think it’s such a great transformation with just a bit of budget to make it more than liveable for a year or two.

    And it’s not a proper project until a builder has rolled their eyes at you 😉


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