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Workshop at Making Spaces HQ – How to set up your interior design business

MAKING SPACES WORKSHOP - Setting up an Interior Design Business

Exciting times ahead! I’m finally doing something i’ve been planning for well over a year. Planning logistically and also planning in terms of getting Making Spaces HQ (my house) fit for paying guests (new patio door, kitchen update, updating front door, landscaping… )

Every month I have several emails from people who are wanting to “meet up for a coffee” or “pick my brains” about how I got started with Making Spaces. And whilst i’d love to be able to help as many people as possible, the reality is I don’t have that time. Some weeks I barely get to see my own husband! So, from January 2019, i’m running workshops at mine for five people at a time where I will answer ALL of your questions and share my experiences and all i’ve learned over the past four years about setting up a business in the interior design industry. No waffle, no bullshit, just straight up, down to earth, honest advice.

In my former life, you may already know, I was a dancer (nearly 30 years of that under my belt). I went from performer, to choreographer, to teacher, to project manager and then onto teaching other dancer teachers the art and principles of teaching.

Teaching, sharing knowledge and passion for a subject is in my genes. My dad is a retired teacher, my brother is (well was, he’s just left the education sector because the lack of actual teaching and amount of crap) and so was I, albeit in a slightly different area.

I’ve learned a lot since setting up Making Spaces. A lot about the industry, how it ticks, what to focus on, what not to. These workshops are perfect for those of you who are looking to set up your own interior design business. Formal qualifications or not. Because what I hear all the time, is that, even people with oodles of training and qualifications, they’ve not been taught or offered any guidance on how to turn their passion and creative skills into a successful business.

The exact date is still TBC, but will more than likely be w/c 7th January (i’ve pencilled in Wednesday 9th at 12-2pm). I think the first workshop will sell out pretty quickly (like I said, there are only five places per workshop) so if you are interested or know someone who is looking to get started on their own path in interior design, please pass this onto them.

Oh and one thing I wanted to add as I know how it feels to go to someone’s house that you’ve seen online…. My house is normal. Our 3 bed-semi is not going to make you feel intimidated. The group is small (five guests plus me) simply because I can’t fit any more people around my kitchen table. Plus I want to actually meet, listen and talk to you all. Everyone will of course be welcome to have a nosey around the place, who doesn’t like a good snoop from time to time? But please don’t feel nervous about coming to someone’s “fancy house you’ve seen on instagram”. It’s a normal house with bits that still need sorting and fiddling with. Just like i’m a normal-ish person with bits that still need sorting and fiddling with too.

There’s an enormous gaping hole at the moment where people have the skills, drive and passion but don’t know what to do with it. So i’m hoping to fill a tiny gap in this huge market from my kitchen table in north Leeds. If you’d be interested in attending, please email me at karen@making-spaces.net to get on the list 🙂


  1. This is amazing! We have such a similar background and I have just started workshops to draw on my teaching experience and I loved it! Would love to come to this (but not sure how feasible it is for me to get up north!). But i will try at some point and maybe you will bring it to London sometime… All the best karen!

  2. Hi Karen
    If you wanted to do this in London next year, we could offer you a big space within our factory building. We have a mezzanine that we loosely call ‘the gallery’ which is basically a clean, well lit studio space with lots of light. We are within walking distance of the O2 and North Greenwich tube on the Jubilee line, plus some parking in our car park.
    Love your blog and your style! Kind regards Fiona Stringer http://www.stringer.co.uk

  3. Hi Karen …. if you take up Fiona’s offer to do one in London I’d love to attend! I very much enjoy your blogs. Good luck with your first one in January!

  4. Karen I don’t want to become an interior designer but would love to bring a project to you to discuss. Will you be considering anything along these lines in the future? I do live North but in South Lakes which I believe is too far for you to visit? Good luck with your new venture.

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