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MAKING SPACES WORKSHOP - Setting up an Interior Design Business

Workshop at Making Spaces HQ – How to set up your interior design business

Exciting times ahead! I’m finally doing something i’ve been planning for well over a year. Planning logistically and also planning in terms of getting Making Spaces HQ (my house) fit for paying guests (new patio door, kitchen update, updating front door, landscaping… ) Every month I have several emails from people who are wanting to “meet up for a coffee” or “pick my brains” about how I got started with Making Spaces. And whilst i’d love to be able to help as many people as possible, the reality is I don’t have that time. Some weeks I barely get to see my own husband! So, from January 2019, i’m running workshops at mine for five people at a time where I will answer ALL of your questions and share my experiences and all i’ve learned over the past four years about setting up a business in the interior design industry. No waffle, no bullshit, just straight up, down to earth, honest advice. In my former life, you may already know, I was a dancer (nearly 30 …