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The Red Room – The Pre-Reveal

Little Greene Lamp Black

Just got back from a visit to The Red Room project. Big smiles here πŸ˜€

I dreamt about it last night as i’ve been itching to get there all week. I spoke to the homeowner after all the major work had been completed last week; new stove, mantel piece, door blocked up and plastered, walls wallpapered and then painted. So we’re onto the final straight peeps. The fun stuff!

This is what it looked like on my last visit, which you can read all about here. So many of you loved that distressed plastered wall, but alas there was a door to board up and skim over, so it wasn’t meant to be. This time.

(Let me quickly add that 3 minutes into taking photos, my camera died so most of these have been taken on my rubbish camera phone which goes little way towards doing this room justice. But! I will be back v soon for the final reveal pics, so all is not lost.)

Anaglypta Alfred

The walls have been wallpapered in Analgypta. “Alfred” to be precise and it looks awesome.

Vintage Oak Writing Desk

Once wallpapered, all of the walls were painted in Little Greene’s Lamp Black. A warm, soft charcoal. The vintage oxblood Chesterfield now has something to kick off.

Drinks cabinet

Quickly showing you around the room, here’s the drinks cabinet which if you’ll remember was their old welsh dresser, split in half and painted with Annie Sloan’s, black chalk-paint.

Franco Belge Monaco stove

The new fireplace is stunning. The Palmerston Gallery matt black fire surround ties in perfectly with the black woodwork.

Alfred Anaglypta

I love the simplicity of the surround against the Alfred wallpaper.

Alfred Anaglypta

Palmerston 54 inch black Mantle

The Franco Belge Monoco stove is now the real focal point in the room, which means the “new to this room” TV, doesn’t dominate.

La Redoute Lipstick TV Unit

And we all know black is the best colour to make the TV disappear even more. The Lipstick TV cabinet from La Redoute was the perfect size to take up this alcove without it looking too media cabinet-y. They’re always quite square aren’t they and I was looking with something a little more curvaceous but still functional.

Ok, let’s talk about the Palm Tree Floor Lamp from Rockett St George. It’s amazing. Like, really. In fact, when the homeowner’s dad came to visit, he failed to notice the new furniture, new fire, the fact a door had been blocked up, walls wallpapered and painted black… all he noticed was the lamp. Which he really liked might I add.

Upholstered chaise longue

And of course the second hand chaise longue and ottoman reupholstered in House of Hackney’s Peacock and Dragon by Eclectic Chair

The Red Room - Pre-reveal

Now obviously, we’ve still got a fair few bits to sort. Like:

  • 2 x ceiling lights
  • 2 x wall lights
  • Rug
  • Curtains **shudders**
  • Artwork
  • Cushions
  • Styling and faffing

Although I am pleased to announce that the dog portrait from the original room is now coming back. Yes!

Dog Portrait

So there you go. It was red….Β then it was stripped….

….. and now….

Palmerston 54 inch black Mantle

Whadya reckon? Are you a fellow Anaglypta lover? Would you wallpaper your whole room in Alfred, paint it black and have a giant brass palm tree as a floor lamp?

Little Greene Lamp Black

Well these guys would, and I mother flippin’ love it. Am very excited to get this project finished, it’s going to be such a cosy space to snuggle up in over the coming months don’t cha think?

Happy weekend peeps. Have a good one!






  1. Such a beautiful room now. Who’d have thought anaglypta could look so sexy and that lamp! And the chaise! And the dog art! I could go on…… just gorgeous! Xxxx

  2. Love the textured wallpaper in black hun – very evocative! Less keen on the floor lamp, but each to their own.. (and you know Im far more minimalist than this!) – still looks pretty spectacular in there πŸ˜‰

  3. Oh my goodness, the Analgypta looks FIIIIINE. And I love the details – the fireplace is amazing, that gorgeous sumptuous HoH fabric, the rug, that LAMP! Can’t wait to see it finished, it’s gonna be gorgeous! x

  4. This looks absolutely gorgeous! So much more sleek. And i love that you’ve gone dark on the coving too – something i’m trying to persuade hubby to do in our new lounge. Sending him this for reference of how badass it looks πŸ˜‰ x

  5. Do you know, I didn’t think you’d ever really be able to convince me that that wallpaper was a good idea. I kind of liked it on your mood board but I still felt a bit nervous about it. It looks bloody brilliant, though. Good call, you!!

  6. This looks better than your original design. I love the wallpaper and the colour. Analgypta is a perfect way to have loads of pattern but in a super subtle way. I have a love hate relationship with that lamp. I couldn’t live with it but it looks awesome in someone else’s home! Can’t wait to see the final reveal!

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