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The Red Room – During

I went to visit the Red Room project today. You know, the living room that was red and staying red, but then it wasn’t staying red and going black instead. Remember that one? If not, you can catch up here.

Well we’ve been making progress, stripping all of the walls, painting the ceiling and woodwork in preparation for the new wallpaper. All of the furniture has now arrived too, including the gorgeous Ox Blood Chesterfield from Chesterfields at the Boathouse.

And this solid oak wiring bureau in near perfect condition picked up from a local vintage dealer. How pretty is that?

Remember the Welsh Dresser?

The red room - before

Yes, the one here in the left hand alcove. Well that’s now been given the Annie Sloan treatment and repurposed as a fancy home bar.

The power of black. It never fails to amaze me. I picked up these cute drawer pulls from Homesense last month to add a little touch of brass

Only £6 for a set of 4.

Love it.

The doorway behind the sofa is getting boarded up and plastered over to give us a long wall for the sofa to sit along. So we needed a new light switch chocking out and wiring in at the other end of the room. But don’t worry, it won’t be plastic or white. That’s just there until all the messy jobs are done.

The ottoman (which will be having its legs painted darker) and chaise longue that were bagged from Gumtree and eBay have now been expertly reupholstered in the magical Peacock and Dragon fabric from House of Hackney.



Heather, aka. Eclectic Chair has done such an amazing job on both pieces. So chuffed at how these have turned out. First House of Hackney designs used in a project too. I’ve popped my HoH cherry at last!


Oh the lamp? Yep, it’s a beautiful beast isn’t it? The Palm Tree Floor Lamp from Rockett St George will be sat next to the chaise. I’m not sure if we could cram much more glam to this side of the room if we tried.

It will of course look better a) with bulbs and b) without bubble wrap. Just keep imagining black walls behind everything ok. It’s then the black magic will happen. But not until the walls are wallpapered in this:

The Alfred wallpaper from Anaglypta


It’ll all be kicking off at the beginning of September, so I will be back with the Pre- Reveal for this project in about a month. It’s going to look pretty different. Can’t wait!

(I don’t half have a soft spot for old aged, plastered walls. Anyone else out there a fan of this look?)

Anyway, let me know what you guys think so far. I know a lot of you were looking forward to seeing a red room, as was I. I won’t lie. But these guys had lived with that red wallpaper for years and were ready for a big change. We’ll see just how big a change in about a month eh!? I really hope you like it!!



  1. Kirsten Achtelstetter says

    I’m glad you said that about loving the look of aged plastered walls – I like it so much if it was my house I’d almost be tempted to leave it as is!!

    • Karen Knox says

      Yep, me too. If we didn’t have to board up the door and re-skim over the new wiring… we maybe could have made this work. Another time perhaps!?

  2. I love that you are showing your range here, Karen. The Red Room has the feel of an earlier period (but brought right up to now!). Such a contrast to the retro/contemporary look I think of, when I think of you, and so successful.

    Now, that wall is peachy! Does anyone else remember The Wall in The King’s Speech? Forget Colin Firth. For me, that wall in the therapist’s hangout was the star.

    • Karen Knox says

      YES!! I loved that scene and spent the whole 15 minutes just ogling those walls and the Crittall windows!! **Swoooon**

  3. Love it! That chaise longue looks sooooo much better. I’m excited to see the end result – I really hope they’re keeping that dog head painting though 🙂

  4. Ursula in Cádiz says

    Yes those walls are dreamy as is! And love that fabric. Great job so far <3

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