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The Multi-function Room Goes Aquamarine

So first off, massive thanks to everyone who took the time to feed back on my previous post. Everyone’s ideas were just what I needed for a little inspo boost. So again, thank you!

And so, back to normal stuff… it’s project update time!

You can catch up on the Multi Function Room here.

Here’s the room on my first visit. The second bedroom which needs to become a guest room and home office in one.

Here it is about a month later with the gorgeously botanical Wildacre Anagpytpa freshly papered on the walls and the ceiling painted (don’t worry, we’ve got coving and skirting boards to be fitted – i’m not starting a new “trim-less” trend).

Here’s Cartman the cat inspecting the workmanship, plus a little close-up of the wallpaper pre-paint. Speaking of which, here’s the colour scheme:

Little Greene Stock – Mid   |   Aquamarine   |   Invisible Green

Aquamarine on the walls, Stock – Mid on the ceiling and Invisible Green, that super dark, deep green will be going on the skirting boards and possibly the coving too. Not 100% decided if we go Aquamarine or Invisible Green for that. Thoughts?

Here’s a rubbish phone pic which actually captures the wall colour most accurately. And here’s a photo I took yesterday of the room now it’s gone Aquamarine.

Aquamarine walls and Stock-Mid ceiling

I absolutely love how warm yet delicate the colour is. It’s coming through quite blue in these pics, but I assure you there’s plenty of green in it.

The wallpaper looking rather vintage, deco no?

A quick look at the other side of the room as it was after the initial room “strip”.

And here it is now:

Oh how I feel like i’m at me nan’s house. It’s perfect for this vintage loving homeowner. Which brings me nicely onto some of the bits that are going in this room.

The Ikea desk lamp which was the starting point for the colour scheme and some vintage posters the homeowner and I picked up from a local vintage shop about a year ago. They’ve been waiting to be hung somewhere since then, so i’ve had them framed and they’ll be gracing these Aquamarine walls.

And this vintage little beauty from Homeplace Online…

Isn’t that pretty? And look at the green edging in the shade. Absolutely perfect against those walls. This will be gracing the ceiling and hanging above the bed. Talking of which, I just need to convince the homeowner about a bed purchase, as we’re currently at loggerheads. Do keep an eye on the local news for some middle-class fiticuffs in the north Leeds area. It’s time for me to flex those muscles.

I’m the cartwheeling chap.









  1. Kelly Mahan says

    I love the transformation! That wallpaper is to die for. Thanks for sharing the details!

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