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Heard of Søstrene Grene?


I’m guessing most people won’t have. Design bloggers, journalists, design nuts and the like will most certainly be in the know, but Søstrene Grene is more than likely a new discovery for a lot of you reading. Which is kinda bonkers as they have stores all across Europe and over in Japan too. But the thing is, they only have two stores in the UK. Nottingham and Chester.


Nope. Which kinda sucks. So today’s post is a bit of a “look at what you could have won” situation.

(If you have no idea what the image above means – you did not grow up in the 80’s. This is the kind of brilliance you missed out on).

Founded by Inger Grene, Ruth Grene and Knud Cresten Vaupell Olsen in 1973, the first Søstrene Grene store opened in Denmark, and now, 45 years on they have nearly 200 stores across the the world.

“Søstrene Grene offers you exciting products from near and far, attractively put out in a labyrinth of colors, shapes and smells. Our shops always have a wide range of popular and staple products in stock, and an equally large number of products that change every week. However, all the products are subject to strict functionality and quality requirements, with many of them being designed by our own team of skilled designers so they are only available from Søstrene Grene.”

I wanted to show you guys some of the pieces they have coming March onwards, as for some of you, it might just be worth taking a drive over to their Nottingham or Chester store so you can fill your car boots (and pick up some pieces for me too please!)


The overall aesthetic is very Scandi. Not surprising really. Clean simple lines in a small palette of pastel colours making it very easy to buy more than you’d bargained for.


The pretty upholstered floor cushions can be stacked to give you a foot stool, coffee table or additional seating are a touch of genius and could easily slip into a living space or kid’s bedroom. The black and brass table lamp is a complete bargain at £26.30 too.


This brass and glass shelving unit is an absolute steal at £41.40. With its small projection, it can be hung in the smallest of spaces and used to create an area of interest. Perfect to display your instagram worthy bits and bobs.


Also, they’re an ideal update for a kitchen where you’re looking for the ever so popular look of open shelving. Spend £150 on these and you could completely transform a kitchen wall.


The planters and vases are absolutely gorgeous and I would buy all three above in a heartbeat.


Upholstered benches in bang on trend colours with slimline black metalwork? Yes please. So easy to pop into your hallway, at the foot of your bed or in a bay window to provide some very simple seating.


And again, the overall design aesthetic and colour palette working together perfectly.

There’s not really a piece I wouldn’t use in any of my projects. It’s all so affordable, dare I say, probably cheaper than the equivalent at Ikea, but the best thing is that not everyone is going to have these pieces because most people don’t have a store nearby. Which is brilliant and rubbish at the same time. Brilliant as it looks like you’ve got your hands on something super exclusive, and exclusive often implies ‘pricey’. But it’s rubbish too as there’s nothing worse that seeing gorgeous, affordable  pieces you can’t actually have is there?


Unless you’re in Chester or Nottingham that is…

So has anyone out there been to a Søstrene Grene store? Is it worth the drive? I’d also love to know what the quality is like…. so please, for those of you Chester-ites and Nottingham bods… spill the beans please! And Søstrene Grene, open a store in Yorkshire will ya? I’d be ever so grateful.







  1. I stumbled across their Belfast store last year (I live in Leeds). Some fab items at such reasonable prices, was so glad we’d gone over in the car as I left with 4 chairs!

      • It’s not long term furniture, the chairs were the same design as the Eames DSW chair. Upholstered in a nice grey mix fabric (way comfier than hard plastic), but the legs were metal made to look wood. I’m not big on faux anything, but they looked good for selling our house. To be fair, everyone thinks they’re wood. Plus they were £30ish each!
        The accessories are really good, I got some ceramic pots with leather handles for next to nothing.
        It’s nice just to have a high street shop selling interiors that has a bit of style to it. I’d love one to open in Leeds, Zara home isn’t my bag.

  2. Nottingham is only an hour from my parents, maybe next time we visit… Would definitely try the brass shelves and the bench

  3. Rhian says

    I popped in the Chester branch yesterday for the first time. Loved it. Quite a small space, but full of great things. Mostly seemed to be about the small items rather than furniture. Favourites were neon yellow candles 18p! Also great kitchen ware.

    • Karen Knox says

      Really?? Why did I think you were midlands?? But thank you that’s great xx

  4. marie says

    Hi ! it was such an event when we got our shop in Le Mans/France… I must say though that the quality is not perfect… it’s not really heavy duty stuff, but still, the occasional planter or cushion is great to have at that kind of price and the store changes ALL.THE.TIME. Cheers !!

    • Karen Knox says

      Yeah, looks like it’s better for styling bits and bobs or short term, trend based pieces…

  5. Not to gloat or anything, but Søstrene Grene is a total jewel in Nottingham IMO. It’s my favourite store in Nottingham, the only store where I have never come away empty-handed. Their stuff is amazing, and so well priced. 😊

  6. I found this store in Berlin in Jan this year and I fell in love with it ❤️. I’d say the quality is fairly decent considering how affordable everything is. I pleasantly discovered they have a Chester store after looking them up online but I’m yet to visit it. I’m hoping to pop over soon though so I’ll let you know what it’s like! They have these gorgeous velvet chairs with a full rounded back in a few lovely colours – you will see on my instagram from back in Jan!

    • Karen Knox says

      Ooh yeah, those are lovely chairs. Enjoy your Chester trip, make sure you post some pics on insta!

  7. What a revelation! and as a northerner by birth it’s lovely to see you getting it first even though it means I can’t just drop in 🙁

  8. Claire says

    We have a store here in Dublin, I can never resist going in for a peek. As others have said, most of the stock is small household items – lovely crockery and glassware, soft furnishings, candle holders, planters, stationery. It’s all outrageously cheap. Definitely worth a visit if you can get there!

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