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Ted Baker – Did you know they did rugs?

Firstly, thank you to everyone that read and commented on my last blog post. I’m so glad it’s been useful to so many of you out there. Your experiences and feedback will no doubt be a massive help to everyone else too. So thank you again! If you missed it, you can catch up here. A must read if you’re planning on decorating soon.

Today’s post is a bit of fun for a Friday night. I just wanted to share with you guys one of my finds this week after searching online for a rug for a client. Not just any old rug, but a marble rug.


How beautiful is that? It’s by Ted Baker. Did you know Ted Baker did rugs? Well, you probably did, but I hadn’t seen any of these until this week. Come see some more. They’re bloody gorgeous.


Ranging from £400 to £1000, they’re not cheap, mind (surprise). Investment pieces for sure and something you’d want to have on your floors for years to come.

“Woven from a blend of the finest woollen threads and showcasing the statement Shadow Floral print, this flourishing floor piece will make your home blossom.”


The perfect rug if you’re just looking to add a little colour accent. Just look how it anchors this chair in the room below.

“Blending two rich hues and a pristine paisley print, this magnificent floor piece is the perfect combination of luxury and style.”


Great colour combo and classic mid-century style design with a masculine vibe. A good rug for blokes me thinks. Blokes that don’t like furnishings I mean. You know the ones.


“Majestically accented with rich chromatic hues and a captivating mosaic pattern, this eye-catching design will make the perfect centre piece.”


Oversized neon florals anyone? How cool would this look in a space with dark walls. It’s not really doing it for me in the press image. Soz, Ted.

“Digitally printed on a blend of pure wool and tencel, this blossoming piece will make a charming addition to any space.”


I really like this feather design. That petrol blue and hot pink is just all kinds of yum. A real statement piece. Literally artwork for your floor.

So whadd’ya think? Any take your fancy? Any you’d break the bank for? I’d love to splash the cash on a couple of these in future projects **crosses fingers**.

Happy weekend peeps!


  1. Oh no – best not show my daughter these, she’s hankering on a marble themed bedroom makeover this year! What is it with 14 year olds and their perception of mummy’s bank account!? ????

    • Karen Knox says

      Ha. Mine is only four, I just say yes to everything now. He forgets he wants something as soon as he knows he can have it. Prob gonna regret this tactic in a few years!

  2. The Rustiye for me. Such beautiful colours. Isn’t it amazing how much more beautiful the rugs look when photographed in situ? Rug sellers should take note.

  3. I most certainly did not know that! They’re all very nice aren’t they? A little opulent for my style but beautiful nonetheless x

  4. Oh my gosh, such beautiful rugs! Wow, I had no idea there were even Ted Baker rugs, just as I hadn’t realised there were tile collections, ’til I started researching my shower room. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Gorgeous rugs! My favourite is the marble one – it’s utterly jaw-dropping! Now, if they could come out with the same design in a few different colour options I’d be all over that 😉 xxx

  6. Woah I had no idea they did rugs! A bit bold for my tastes but they’re very beautiful xx

  7. Uh, no I also did not know they did rugs. I’m not overly keen on the big florals, although they are beautiful. But the marble rug is stunning!

  8. They are gorgeous rugs aren’t they! I’ll take a look at these, I’ve seen some but not all. They are nice interesting designs.

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