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SPÄNST collection

SPÄNST collection – Ikea Collaborates with Chris Stamp

Ikea have released some rather impressive collaborations so far this year, with the SPANST collection due to land this May. So not long to wait. It’s a capsule collection of “lifestyle” influenced furniture, lighting and decor, where the fashion conscious are very much in mind. In collaboration with fashion designer, Chris Stamp, the founder of ‘Stampd‘ a brand known for its meticulous attention to detail with designs that embody modern youth culture. The Stampd brand focuses on quality and the minimal, urban aesthetic. Its flagship store based in the heart of LosAngeles, sells its line of clothes and accessories all over the world.    A number of items from the collection were also designed by Maja Ganszyniec, a frequent IKEA collaborator since 2014. Together they explored the changes and needs of young homes today, with a special focus on active, urban lifestyles. Maja has collaborated on several Ikea designs, including the HJÄRTELIG collection which was released last month.  Chris and Maja met for the first time in New York to find alot of their design ideas were …