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Dark Mid Century Living Room

Before and After – From 2012 to 2019

I’ve been reflecting hard over the past few weeks (new year does that to you doesn’t it!?) about just how much work we’ve done to our humble abode over the last six years. The landscaping was the last big project we did and i’ll be getting photos and writing that up when the weather takes a turn for the better. Nobody needs to see our garden right now with its dead plants and bald back lawn. One of the reasons I went into interior design in the first place was to give our house (and my hubby) a bit of a break. I’m always wanting to change things at home, but now I get my rocks off at work, with a few house projects here and there at home, a nice mix. But something that’s happening more and more, is i’m feeling a little deflated that our house isn’t quite as big, fancy or wow as some of the houses I get to work in. Theodore Roosevelt was on the money when he was quoted …

My trip to Bert & May – From Salvage Yard to Show House #designupnorth

About 18 months ago, I introduced the hashtag #designupnorth to head up a series of posts focusing on good design being accessible north of the Watford gap. As a blogger/designer I get invited to stuff all the time (which is lovely) but every frickin design event/launch/networking opp is always down south. In fact, brands barely even put the addresses on for these events anymore, it’s just assumed we all know they’re down in Landan and we’ll just pop down there for a canpé and a Prosecco or four. Needless to say, I have yet to frequent one of these said events, a) because I work full time, in Leeds b) they’re always at rubbish times like 8am or 6pm and c) because a return trip to Kings Cross aint cheap. But… a couple of weeks ago, I was invited to an event…. wait for it…. in North Yorkshire! 30 mins drive away from Making Spaces HQ. Yes, yes! We have a Bert & May, UP NORTH. Not in London. Well, yes in London too, but we …

Making Spaces in Print

It’s just a quickie today, mainly because i’ve been up since 5am thanks to my beloved child and i’ve got so much design work on right now. But I do have something to share with you, I thought you might like to see…. Would you like a proper nosey around my home?? AND see me standing (slightly awkwardly) holding a mug? You do?? Well you’re in luck. My home and I were featured in Home Style Magazine in last month’s October edition. I know it’s October now, they all do that confusing thing where they publish in the future.  So now it’s nearly time for the November issue, i’ve got my greedy paws on my eight page feature to share you. Don’t be shy. Get reading! My very first proper photo shoot. Such a fun day. And there is more to come which I can’t say too much about right now. I hope you enjoyed your snoop! Have a lovely weekend peeps. All photos by Olly Gordon for Home Style Magazine

LivingEtc House Tours

I made a little trip to London this week to get involved with the Living Etc House Tours. I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it as i’ve been unwell for a while…. but I managed to get my butt down south and i’m glad I did. There were several amazing properties on the West London leg of the tour. I’m going to include just two in this post. Both completely different. Both stunning in creativity and execution. I’m not sure if i’ve ever been in any multi-million pound properties before… I have now. The Hogarth Hidden House – Kensington As seen on Grand Designs a few years ago, Ian Hogarth both designed and built an outstanding home in a small space located in Kensington. Hidden behind a rabbit hole style entrance, Hogarths’ house is concealed mostly underground. The 250sqm mews house features a nightclub dance floor, a fish pond, a waterfall and a wellness suite. There are several Eco features, including an air-source heat pump, solar panels and water recycling. The build took a year, …