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The MADE Supperclub #designupnorth


Something design and events related happened up north last week!

I know!

And not just up north, but in Yorkshire. And not just in any ole venue with any ole brand, it was hosted by MADE at Redbrick. The very first #MADESupperclub, Yorkshire style. And I was on the invite list…. which is just as well as I would have been kicking off big time if I didn’t get one of the 14  golden tickets.

And what a lovely do it was too. Very chilled and intimate which meant I got to chat to nearly everyone.

People meeting people

Claudia from MADE and Katie from Come Down to the Woods

Kerry Lockwood and Lisa Dawson

Ellenor from Dowsing & Reynolds on the left


Amy from This Style Rocks and Claire from My House Candy

Victoria from Apartment Number 4

Nicola Broughton from The Girl with the Green Sofa and me **waves** in my sheepskin because it was frickin baltic outside.

There was a lot of camera phone action going on that night which is not surprising as the venue and table setting was gorgeous.

Beaumont Medium Flared Vase and Verona Double Brass Candlestick

Everything from the dining table and chairs to the cutlery was from MADE. Including the dinner service that had only arrived that day especially for the event.

Here be the menu. Yes, a five course tasting menu. With each course paired with a different wine. It was at this point, I decided to leave Bonnie (my car) overnight and get a taxi home. I mean, it would have been rude not to really…

Awaiting the first course…

Newburg Matt Gold Cutlery

The food, was amazing. I don’t think i’ve ever had a five course tasting menu before. On a good day I can barely finish two courses. But each and every course was both light and full of flavour and accompanied by the perfect wine.

All the glassware. From MADE of course

The Grape and Grain Catering Co (based in Manchester) were absolutely fantastic. I’d highly recommend them and will certainly be keeping them in mind for any future events where delicious food, wine and excellent service is required. And just to reiterate, I even ate the lamb course.

And I’ve never ever liked lamb. But this was so good.

It was so nice to have something only 40 minutes drive away and not in London. I’m really hoping that both MADE and Redbrick organise more events like this for us Northern bods. There are a fair few of us up here, so brands, instead of us all shlepping down to you, get yourselves up here and host! We were all very well behaved and as far as i’m aware, none of the matt gold cutlery went AWOL (despite me being rather tempted to pop a spoon in me bag**).

** I was not stealing a spoon.

And so, my current mission to highlight all things #designupnorth has started off rather well don’t cha think!? Many thanks to Claudia from MADE for organising such a lovely evening. I’ll be waiting for the next invite… or gatecrashing. Either way i’ll see you next time.


All images courtesy of Joanne Crawford.









  1. Ha ha, I love Pete’s comment. This looks ace, Karen – what a fab event and good to see all those familiar faces/names there. MADE did something similar in Manchester a little while back and it was really enjoyable; I met Claudia and it was also catered by Grape & Grain – everything was mouth-wateringly good! And I must say the tableware looks gorgeous – loving the blue and gold together; no wonder you were tempted by the nice shiny spoon! Lol xx

    • Karen Knox says

      Ooh yes, I saw your pics from that event. Good to know the food was just as good there too! And yes, I seriously was tempted to pilfer some of the gold cutlery… but I behaved myself in the end 🙂 x

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