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Monroe by Rosa Picnic

Updating your interiors with Posterlounge

As you guys will probably know, i’ve been faffing around with our living room gallery wall for a while now. Ya know, since I finally painted all the walls black. Finally black. I liked it, but it wasn’t quite right. Not yet anyway. Luckily, around the same time, Posterlounge got in touch asking if i’d like to work with them on a post. Erm yes please! Yeah, I would. So I jumped onto their site and began the search for new art and artists. Stage 1 of operation ‘Gallery Wall Update’. Still not quite right. The Posterlounge site is BIG! They have A LOT of stuff and the best thing is it’s all super affordable with prices starting from around £6.90 with free delivery. Pretty good eh? ‘WAITING MAGRITTE’ by THE USUAL DESIGNERS Absolutely love the colours. Clouds and faces. Faces and clouds. They get me every time! They have everything you could think of; photography, illustrations, abstract, realism, surrealism, advertising posters, paintings, graphic design, digital art, collage art, typography…. The list is endless, so it took …