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DIY Garden Building

How to build your own garden building – aka ‘The Manporium’

Hello everyone, apologies for the radio silence this week, it has been a ridiculously busy week AND i’ve been waiting for my husband to pull his finger out and finish writing something. Yes, this week everyone, you will get to read the design ramblings of him indoors (or should I say, “him outdoors”). He’s finally sent in his homework…. i’ve had a good read, and actually it’s really good (she says begrudgingly). It’s about how he made his own garden workshop which is perfect if you’re someone  looking for inspiration on how to build your own garden building/workshop/man cave/she-shed/home office/garden pod…. so many names for these additional rooms. So without further ado… Iiiiiiiit’s Mr Making Spaces! **crowd goes wild** ” What’s that…you didn’t sign up for this? You didn’t. Sorry to invade this sacrosanct space of beautiful interiors, design and styling. I’m here to talk about anti-style. Yes…it’s the world of sheds. During my 39 years on this planet, I’ve learned a few things about life. Here are some: Men like a bit of solitude now …

Interior Design Collective - Design Surgery Workshop

IDC Design Surgery #designupnorth

It’s just a quickie today peeps! I’ve been writing up another (third on the bounce) final reveal post, for the Copper Bedroom (like busses they are), but i’ve had to interrupt that public service broadcast with some very exciting news: The very first IDC Design Surgery has now been confirmed!! We’re sooo excited. And true to my word, I have fought hard to host the very first of these IDC workshops up north, here in my beloved Yorkshire. These consultation style workshops are the first of their kind, as the content is planned around you and your own home projects. You tell us what you want to learn and we deliver. And when I say we, I mean me and my partner in crime and other half of the IDC dream team, Fiona Duke. There are only 10 places per workshop, we capped it at 10 as we want to be able to talk to each and every one of you and work through your home design dilemmas, so you leave feeling armed to deal …