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Take a seat

House Doctor The numbers of times i’ve wanted to stay in a particular hotel or holiday apartment, or eat in a certain restaurant, JUST because of the chair i’ve seen there, i’ve lost count. Pictures of chairs, taken at the right angle… Float. My. Boat. I’m not going to do much chatting today. It’s just beautiful images of chairs that make me want to slide my hand down the arm, have a little perch and take a few selfies. I hope you enjoy…. Muuto Nerd Chair – Nest Kai Christiansen wool chair Mid Century Modern German Lounge Chair – eBay Portuguese Roots Chair by Alexandre Caldas Monk Lounge Chair by Grupa Shell Chair by Hans Wegner Chairs by Miyazaki-isu DC09 Chair by Inoda + Sveje Design Studio Ikea Ekenesat Chair from my own bedroom. I shall be back again soon with more interiors goodness, with my voice back i’m sure. Have a great week everyone.