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Vinyl Revival

We all know that vinyl is back in favour. But it’s not just hitting the ole gramophone again.. Nice toe tap there. It’s getting laid! Back on your floors. At home. Long gone are the days of extremely unattractive, badly fitted slip-hazard flooring. Today’s vinyl is: highly practical easy to clean none slip durable quick and easy to lay relatively cost effective warm underfoot 99% of the time compatible with underfloor heating Today’s vinyl is also extremely cool. From wood, marble, concrete, tile effect vinyl to a custom designed image of ANYTHING you could possibly imagine. The floor is your oyster. Come see. Feature Floors GRANADA BLACK SHEET VINYL FLOORING 2M WIDE: £16 PER M2 Feature Floors MARINE 2 SHEET VINYL FLOORING 3M WIDE: £16 PER M2 Best 4 Flooring MOROCCAN STYLE CUSHIONED VINYL FLOORING SHEET TANGIER 05 Best 4 Flooring BLOCK WEAVE CUSHION VINYL FLOORING SHEET FUSE 02 As you can see, vinyl in its new stylish guise can be used throughout the home, not just in your kitchen or bathroom. It’s perfect for …