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Design for Diversity

Diversity in Design – Positive Changes in the Design Community

A slightly different post from me today, about something i’ve spent days researching, reading, talking to others, and re-educating myself about. Since the death of George Floyd in May this year, the Black Lives Matter movement has seen an awakening across the world. Over the past few weeks many industries, businesses, communities and families have been witness to difficult conversations; with the lack of diversity within the design community being highlighted. This has created a huge drive for positive change. Me not posting about BLM until now, may have angered or upset some, and for that I truly apologise. There is always so much more going on behind the scenes than I can express, but I can tell you that my reason was in no way due to apathy. I needed to write about this when I was ready, my words needed to feel genuine and the sentiment authentic. I did not want to be seen as using my platform (albeit small) to virtue signal or jump onto a political bangwagon. Everyone deals with stuff in …