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Magnetic Plaster Gallery Wall

Your Top 5 Versus My Top 5 for 2017

It’s that time everyone!! What, more cheese? Mulled wine? Charades? No, you daft bugger, it’s time to look back on and reflect on this year’s happenings. Because 2017 certainly didn’t fail to deliver. It’s been a good year for Making Spaces overall, and despite still being as skint as a third year university student, 2018 looks set to be another fun year. View this post on Instagram Well I may as well post this now… my top 9 pics for 2017. Can't see me making any great waves in the final 10 days of 2017. Not now I've switched my brain off and not with the insta algorithm being 'oh, such fun' these days 😨 So happy to see my best 9 features 6 pics from my #interiordesign work. Two from the Upper Brook St project, two from the Sherwood Forest project, one from The Drawing Room and one from the Victorian Villa. The remaining three are from our humble abode. The bottom two spaces from the left didn't even exist this time last year. …