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Small bathroom update

A mini bathroom update

Remember me writing about “Where to spend your money at home?” It’s definitely worth a quick squizz if you missed that one. Here, I referred to the fun and frolics of updating something in one room to something more beautiful, practical and functional. Immediately followed by the overwhelming urge to do the same in the rest of your home. “Just be aware that once you update one, you will instantly notice how crap all the other ones are.” I predicted correctly. Our, loft bathroom certainly caused that very problem. Now, when walking into our main family bathroom on the floor below, I was getting annoyed by this.We had a rather large, unattractive and very high output radiator in there which we’d inherited with the house. It didn’t look this white and shiny. It was old, the white was now cream and rust was gathering around the edges. It wasn’t that bad, but in my head it looked like this: For dramatic effect only Why on earth we didn’t update it when we had our bathroom redone four years ago, …