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Markslojd Lighting

When is a light not just a light?

I’ve not done a lighting round up for ages, which is kind of odd as i’ve been researching lighting for several big projects recently. During my recent searches i’ve found some proper gems too, and you know me, when I see designs that excite me as much as these do, I just have to share. Behold! My six favourite designs from Swedish design brand, Markslojd, all available at Wayfair. And the best thing about these six lights, is that they’re doing more than light up. These designs are hard working offering genius solutions for small but perfectly formed spaces. When one of Markslöjd’s designers comes up with a new idea, it takes one year before they have a finished product. The reason for this is because of their high demands for safety and quality. Products should not just look good, they should also have a good length of life. With a combination of investment in design and quality, many of Markslöjd’s products have become classics. Number 1.   Tray 3-Light LED Kitchen Island Pendant Upon first glance …