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Time for bed – Leesa mattress review

When it comes to bedrooms and bedtime, for me, everything has to be right. King sized bed, firm mattress, black out blinds/curtains, lightweight down duvet, cotton bedding, ear plugs, a sleeping partner that doesn’t move or breathe too loud…. i’m not even joking. I have been known to request a new hotel room in the wee hours because I couldn’t sleep. Room too loud, room too bright, room too hot, mattress too bouncy. I’m what you could refer to as a “fussy sleeper”. Or maybe just fussy in general. Whatever. Our Bedroom I spent more time choosing our current bedroom mattress than I did shopping for my wedding dress. And I should bloody think so too. I got eight hours out of that dress. That’s it. Where as i’ll spend about eight hours a day or a third of my life attached to a mattress. It makes sense to invest in a good one. Even Mr Maslow* recognised the need for good sleep in order for us lot to function. *If you don’t know who Maslow is… …