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20YY 36/370 (aka Cherished Gold)

2016 Colour Palette (COTY = Colour of the Year) So, Dulux have announced their Colour of the Year for 2016. Oh right, that’s good, what is it?  Cherished Gold was chosen to be “The Special” by AkzoNobel’s Global Aesthetic Center. Who’s that? A specially selected group of experts and international trend watchers from various design backgrounds: Architecture, textiles, product design, graphics and research. They’re all invited to discuss predictions for worldwide social and design trends. “This process allows us to nominate a number of trends, with one overriding idea that captures the mood of the moment; and then consider how this will influence the consumer.” Fancy eh? These trends and concepts are developed further, resulting in unique visual content that aims to engage and inspire us, the customers and consumers. “Our imagery communicates the latest trends and inspires the use of paint in interior design and architecture. It is a process that ensures our research and forecasting is firmly connected to relevant, modern-day trends.”  Colour Palette of the Year, 2016. Think of these as Cherished Gold’s BFF’s. Let’s see some …

MADE.COM Goes Massive – #designupnorth Part I

WARNING. THIS POST CONTAINS SERIOUS DESIGN EYE CANDY. MAY CAUSE FAINTING, SHORTNESS OF BREATH OR SPONTANEOUS ONLINE PURCHASING. One of my favourite, feel good places to shop, find design inspiration and generally waste a bit of time is at Their last five year existence has changed the way I find and shop for furniture and home decor. And my expectations too. Their business model, whilst initially having some teething problems in its start up period; long lead times, problems with couriers not delivering and customers perhaps not quite understanding the process, has now found its feet. And they are standing firm and fast on those feet, in very big shoes indeed. MADE’s online presence has grown enormously and rapidly, followed by the move to open two showrooms. One in Soho, London’s West End in 2012 and one up in my beloved West Yorkshire at the end of 2013. Lucky me! MADE are now set to open a third showroom very soon in Liverpool serving the Northwest contingent. This offline presence has no doubt worked wonders …

The Process

Am going to start this ere blog post with a bit of serious info about my thoughts on work, my ethos and how I run things at Making Spaces. I will put my glasses on so I sound the part…. There. Interior Design is not just about providing a product or one off service. Re-designing a room and creating a new space which solves problems and enhances the feel of a room is a process which evolves along the way. Inevitably, some of your initial ideas and concepts shift slightly to make sure the brief is being hit bang in the face. As a room develops I often think of alternative, better and more creative solutions. At the end you want the room to make your client ridiculously happy, whilst keeping it all within budget. I also want to be able to show off my work too. After all, this design lark is a labour of sheer love. Well it is for me. It’s been a mixed week for The Blue Room. The vintage wardrobe didn’t …

blush Rose chair copper lighting plumen

Take a seat

House Doctor The numbers of times i’ve wanted to stay in a particular hotel or holiday apartment, or eat in a certain restaurant, JUST because of the chair i’ve seen there, i’ve lost count. Pictures of chairs, taken at the right angle… Float. My. Boat. I’m not going to do much chatting today. It’s just beautiful images of chairs that make me want to slide my hand down the arm, have a little perch and take a few selfies. I hope you enjoy…. Muuto Nerd Chair – Nest Kai Christiansen wool chair Mid Century Modern German Lounge Chair – eBay Portuguese Roots Chair by Alexandre Caldas Monk Lounge Chair by Grupa Shell Chair by Hans Wegner Chairs by Miyazaki-isu DC09 Chair by Inoda + Sveje Design Studio Ikea Ekenesat Chair from my own bedroom. I shall be back again soon with more interiors goodness, with my voice back i’m sure. Have a great week everyone.