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Interior Design Collective Workshops

The IDC Design Surgery

They’re coming, they’re coming!! And i’m so excited, can you tell?? I’ve been doing this dance down my hallway in my purple lycra and white sneaks. Interior design workshops are something i’ve been planning for AGES. Like, a LONG time. And now, finally with the support of the Interior Design Collective, they’re actually gonna happen. I can’t flipping wait! Yee-ha! I know there are lots of Interiors-y workshops out there at the moment already, but we’re tapping into a bit of the market I don’t think’s been catered for right now. A lot of you are just about to undertake large house projects, period renovations, bathroom/kitchen refurbs, and more than ever, people are trying to do most of the work themselves, to save money. Makes sense! But wouldn’t you like a bit of advice? Advice on where to start? Which bits to do first. How to nail a layout. Where to put the radiators. What lighting does a room need for example. If that sounds like you, read on… The IDC Design Surgery is a four …