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Society 6 Curtains

A post about curtains… and I hate curtains

I have several issues with curtains. Mainly because they’re a nightmare to source. Why are they so complicated? And it’s not just me, I have it on good authority, that i’m not the only interior design-y person that hates looking for them. Brigitte loving her drapes. Something i’ve never experienced. Ever. Can you believe i’ve still not found any a) I can afford and b) like for our living room… and we’ve been here for nearly five years now. Completely by accident, I stumbled across some pretty darn cool curtains on Society 6. I was on there filling my basket with artwork, when I noticed a new section on their site. I knew these guys sold shower curtains, throws, wall hangings, bedding etc… but it seems they’ve branched out into window coverings, launching their curtain range just last week. Citrine  Each panel is 50 inches x 84 inches (about 127cm x 213cm), so not great for period properties with high ceilings, but should just about work in homes with average 2.4m high ceilings. Coral Peach …