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H&M Home

H&M – You’re killing me right now!

If any of you are looking to furnish a room at the moment and are big fans of Scandinavian design, then you’d be hard pressed not to find something at H&M Home’s department that’ll make you do this: There were so many things that gave me all the feels, I had to do a little round up for you guys, as someone out there HAS to buy these. My house is officially full and i’m not allowed an extension. Booo to that! Stool in Metal & Leather I so want this! It’ll just look better with age and use. Stools are so handy to have around the house, we’ve got one in most rooms, you’d be surprised how often it gets dragged out… …footstool, reaching stuff high up, side table, actual stool, low table for Charlie to eat his cereal from whilst he watches Power Rangers sitting on the floor in his pyjamas… etc. Wool Blend Rug Just enough detail for your floor. Velvet Cushion Cover Lovely colour combos and just very cool. Linen Pendant …

H&M Home

H&M Home – doing more Home

Hello!! Yes, I know i’ve been away for a week and left you without so much as a word to read, but we’ve had friends stay with us this week. So i’ve taken some time out, away from the screen to bloody well enjoy myself. And as punishment for said fun, i’ve been struck down with a virus and been like this since Thursday… … just in time for the school holidays. Oh life, you’re a cruel beast! Anyway, less moaning and more writing. Today’s post is about H&M Home. I know most of you will already know about their homeware dept, i’ve written about them before and used their stuff in sooo many projects… .. but there are actually still some peeps that haven’t twigged yet. And for those that don’t pop on there weekly (like I do), then today’s post is just for you. We already know H&M sell cushions, accessories, ceramics and textiles… everything in this pic above (apart from the sofa, books and twig) is from H&M. Standard. But did you know H&M’s …