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Where to shop online for interiors

My “Go-To” places to shop for interiors online

Today, i’m sharing with you guys the places I ALWAYS go to when looking for pieces for projects. I’m sure you will have heard of most of these websites, but for those who struggle to find new places for interior inspiration and find themselves getting stuck in the “Next, M&S, John Lewis loop”, here are my top ten online spots. Nine times out of ten, I find what just what i’m looking for from one of these ten places. Lets go. La Redoute I don’t think i’ve done a project in a long time that’s not had at least one piece from La Redoute. A really good place to take a look for pieces of furniture, soft furnishings, rugs, accessories… They ALWAYS have a sale on, so you should be able to get at least 25% off most of the time. If you can wait until a BH Weekend, then they have been known to knock off 40%. That’s when i’ve filled my basket! Maisons Du Monde These guys have only just started advertising in the …