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Goodbye Ugly Wall

So recently I wrote a post about our recent garden sprucing, which included new furniture, splashes of colour and a home made planter. But I failed to draw attention to this ere eyesore above. The mingin’ concrete wall boundary wall. Luckily our neighbours agree it’s bloody horrible so they were happy for me to attempt to make it look a little better from our side of the garden. The driveway and patio are also completely knackered, but we are planning an extension down the entire side of the house in the next few years, so no point in paying to get the wall, patio and driveway re-done. So that’s why it looks so rubbish. All in all. This bit of the garden sucks. I was stuck with how best to improve this area as I wasn’t allowed to eat up any driveway space. It’s already tight to get the car down the drive, so there was literally no floor space to use. So I played around with some ideas: Ivy – Nowhere to plant it and takes …

Play Tray – Mini Project

My son is obsessed with Lego. Lego and making a mess. So I planned to make this slightly more bearable by trying to keep said Lego (and mess) enclosed in a play shaped space. Bring on the tray which is about 18 years old and a bit worse for wear and the vinyl Chalk Board roll which was left over from the Mini Kitchen project. It only took about 10 minutes to apply the vinyl to the clean dry tray surface. Use a Stanley knife to carefully cut the vinyl into the very edges of the tray. Considering the tray was going to get thrown out and the vinyl was just sitting in the loft, it looks pretty cool. I think this little mini project is going to help maintain both my sanity and Charlie’s Lego heads. Chalk dust all stays in the tray too. Brucey bonus.

Mini Kitchen for Minis

After we had our kitchen done, we discovered quite quickly just how much our son LOVED our kitchen too. Well, emptying the entire contents of the cupboards out onto the floors. It was a fun game. He would empty a cupboard in two seconds flat and I would spend the next five minutes huffing and carefully replacing everything. Rinse and repeat… until mum got fed up and decided to get creative. Our little kitchen loving, cupboard emptying cherub was getting a kitchen of his own. I’ve always believed role play activities are what children are best at don’t you think? Kitchen Ingredients: Ikea – Duktig Kitchen – Just the base section Ikea Ribba Shelf A roll of chalkboard vinyl (I always spell vinyl wrong – just had to write that out three times). Uni Chalk Marker pens – the ones they use to write on restaurant boards Wooden A4 Drawer Chest – Argos 3 little white screw in hooks Give your ingredients a good mix, pop it in the oven for about an hour at 180 …