People: If you need help with your own home, jump over to my work website by clicking the image below and drop me an email.

Brands, PR and the like: If you’d like to work together on something for Making Spaces – Ramblings, i’d love to hear from you. I’m pretty nice (most of the time) so i’d say you’re 99% safe for a pleasant and speedy reply.

Things i’m up for:

  • Interesting collaborative projects
  • Sponsored posts
  • Review posts

Things i’m not up for:

  • Guest posts (I write my own content, always, all the time)
  • Adding infographics (Nobody likes them)
  • Links back to articles you’ve already written (I don’t get that)
  • Working for free. Or in PR speak “exposure” **rolls eyes**

The Oatmeal

Just click the logo below to see my Media KitMaking Spaces Media Kit

Some of the brands i’ve worked with on Making Spaces – Ramblings

So if you’d like to work together on something interesting, just fill in the contact form below:


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