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The Edwardian Bedroom(s)

The last time I wrote about this project, we were round about here: The entire room had been ripped out, wallpaper stripped, carpets ripped up, radiator removed, floorboards being repaired. Technically a building site. The room was about to be skimmed from head to toe in preparation for its new look. What I didn’t tell you, is that the homeowner, in her excitement to see her own bedroom transform, also began ripping out another two bedrooms. In for a penny… This the the second double bedroom after prising off years of wallpaper and flooring . Alas, I didn’t get proper before photos of the room, as this and the third bedroom were originally planned for 2017. Every square inch of wall, floor and ceiling needed work. Not to mention new radiators, sockets and switches. Here is the same room after it’d been skimmed with its new matt black radiator (from Screwfix of all places) leaning precariously against its new home. The magic of freshly plastered walls never fails to fill me with joy and happiness. And I say …

Paint pots and brushes

The Office Refit

Remember me introducing you to the office refit project i’m working on? Yes, that’s the one. Well things are moving forward rather nicely now. And i’ve got stuff to show you. I’m working with Visibilis, an Integrated Digital Marketing Agency. It’s my first dip into working in a commercial premises, but it’s good and am enjoying the experience of scaling up! The team of staff has reached capacity at their current office space prompting the move to a new, larger purpose-built office space in a swanky part of Leeds City Centre. So swanky in fact, you need a small bank loan to be able to afford the parking outside. Anyway, enough about me and my parking issues… My brief: Personalise the space. Solve layout. Plan an office that can hold 12 desk spaces. Use two existing Ikea desks and office chairs Include space for wall monitor. Add colour. But something light. Scandinavian style seemed to be ticking the boxes. Source affordable lighting that didn’t take up desk space or need wiring in. Add a break out …

You’ll never guess….

Believe it or not, some people don’t like shopping for furniture or home decor. I know! What’s wrong with them? The more I’ve worked with clients on projects, I’ve learned a little more about why. Time – Peeps, I know you work hard all week, maybe sort the kids out when you get home, eat dinner, hang the washing out…. and then collapse on the sofa (which needs replacing). The last thing you want to do is spend hours online searching for a new one. I get it. Info – If you do have the time… then where do you go? Not everyone spends yonks online finding new hot ass designers, retailers and brands like I do. Of course you don’t. So you stick to the few retailers you know and trust. If you can’t find what you want there, you’re inclined to give up and wait until something you like pops up. Energy – Imagine wanting to update your entire living room… think about all the shops you’d have to go to. Now add into the …

What made the cut?

Just a quickie tonight giving you a mini preview of what exactly made it up the two flights of stairs to The Blue Room. After my enormous three hour sesh at Ikea yesterday, here’s what’s staying. Along with a gorgeous Storage Basket ordered from Habitat today and the last bagged Sydney Stool from Swoon Editions last week. Enjoy The Blue Room’s “Room Edit”. All being well this Friday should be FAB FIZZ FLIPPIN FINISHED FRIDAY!!!