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Monochrome Bathroom Final Reveal by Making Spaces

The Monochrome Family Bathroom – Final Reveal

Oh how I love a final reveal post. I get all bubbly in my tummy when I get to share something i’ve been working on for months. I really hope you enjoy today’s post as much as i’m enjoying tapping away on my keyboard right now…. Let’s start with the before pictures from my first visit in October 2017. Before I wrote a whole post about the plans for this room, which included some mega important info about what to consider if you’re planning a bathroom. So, if you want to jump back one, then come back for the eye candy afterwards it would certainly make more sense. But if you can’t be bothered, suit yourself. You’re in charge. After The brief: Can you design us a Scandi inspired, monochrome bathroom, with some wood in? We need lots of storage, we’d like good quality fittings, we like minimal… but it still needs to be family friendly?  Paraphrasing of course. It took a while to consolidate all of their ideas, needs and wants, but we finally …

Gallery Wall

The Red Room – Final Reveal

It’s final reveal time. At last! (previous post here). I’m super excited to be able to share the photos from the Red Room project. For those of you that have been following this one, apologies, but i’m about to recap. Here is the storyline for this one: Initial consultation – The brief was to make the room work in terms of function (family room with a TV and plenty of seating), keep the red walls (hence the project name) and pull it all together. Before My plan was to block off the doorway into what was originally a room intended to be a dining room in order to give them a long run of wall to turn allow sofa seating a view to the soon to be TV. I’d already moved the sofa at this point btw and asked them to live with it like this for a few weeks to get used to the new flow around the house. Always something worth doing when you’re about to adjust layout that requires building work. The vintage …