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End of year updates – What have we been up to?

Living Room Design Concept

Well hello there, it’s been a while hasn’t it? How are you all doing? I don’t think there’s any need for me to explain why i’ve been absent from the blog is there? I mean, i’ll just say “2020” and leave it there for you to work it all out. It seems I have some time today for some rambling, so let’s see how well I remember to write a blog shall we?

I’m doing a little round up of the projects that have been underway over the backend of the year, you might recognise some of theses from my previous post in September, if not feel free to click back and catch yourself up.

The New Build Lounge



With a lot of new builds, there weren’t any distinct features in this living room. No alcoves or fireplaces, in fact the thing you faced when sat where the sofa naturally sat, was a pair of glazed doors into the hallway. I have a bit of a thing about facing doors, in the fact that i’d rather not if I can help it. So to combat the door issue, it was important that whatever else was on this wall was really bloody lovely to look at, big too as the TV would be somewhere on this wall and I didn’t want that to be the main focus either.

Cue, the Samsung Frame, a brilliant solution for those who don’t like the look of a big black box on a wall (that’ll be me).

Making Spaces Remote Interior Design After

I spec’d a Samsung Frame TV for this remote project several years ago. Yes, that’s a TV set to gallery mode. Cool isn’t it!? It has a wooden box frame and sits completely flush to to the wall, just like a piece of art.

Fancy video about the Samsung Frame

Now it was time to source a piece of furniture to sit underneath the beautiful TV, something equally beautiful that could house the various electrical bits and whatnots.

When you search online for media units they’re normally around 130cm-170cm long. Anything longer and they’re often in a high gloss finish. Not what I was wanting at all. So we went bespoke, this way I knew we could create exactly what this room needed. No compromises. Working with my fave joiners, Bare Joinery we made a 270cm long cabinet in dark stained solid oak with radio weave cane sliding doors.

In order for the cabinet to sit exactly where I wanted it on the wall, it was important that all of the sockets, aerial and phone point were positioned so they sat within the correct section of the unit. The existing sockets were not where we needed them (that would have been way too easy) so they were all repositioned before any of the decorating began ready for the TV cabinet to be fitted a few months later.

What a beauty!

Love this radio weave caning

Now to be fitted (and pray that all the sockets behind are in the right place)

And it’s up. Phee-ew!

I’ll be visiting this project again in January all being well, so hopefully will have more to show you next year. Just dead chuffed to see the cabinet up and looking beautiful on the newly wallpapered walls. The wallpaper is Anaglypta* Folded incase any of you were wondering, textured wallpaper being another brilliant way of adding interest and character to new build properties. I’m super proud of my clients for  saying yes to it, especially when there was some initial uncertainty. I think by the time the decorator was booked, they were 80% on board, but put their faith in me (which i’m always so humbled by) and it’s totally paid off. Can’t wait to see it all finished in the new year!

*The irony is not lost on me at all, as i’m sure many of you are currently trying to rid your homes of old Anaglypta in the quest for freshly plastered walls, and here’s me adding it to a new build. I just like to be awkward.

The Adel Project – Ground Floor Remodel

From one joinery job to another, at the Adel project, this soon-to-be Study will be getting not one but two walnut slatted walls one of which is a wall of hidden storage.

Projects in progress

Before – Originally the dining room, soon to become an open-plan study area


Clever, built in storage is key to any successful design. The few areas where we’ve had storage built-in at home are by far the most successful rooms in terms of both function and form. And hopefully this study space will be no different.

Open Plan Home Study

The Study – Concept

At the Bare Joinery workshop

With black Valchromat cabinets and solid walnut vertical batons, this bespoke wall of hidden storage is being fitted as I type these very words. Am looking forward to seeing how the joinery transforms this room for sure!

Onto the dining room…

Projects in progress


This was originally a TV room, but one that was never used (as they had three other rooms to sit and watch TV). This space was destined to become the dining room as it connected directly to the kitchen….

Well it did, once we’d knocked out a section of wall to create a new doorway. That 80cm wide opening has made such a difference to the flow of the whole of this ground floor. You may also notice that the original solid oak floors were sanded back and re-stained throughout the ground floor too.

Projects in progress

The Dining Room – Concept


This room is finally coming together after 11 months since it was first designed, I think we might just be finished in time for Christmas. Here’s a photos my client sent me a couple of weeks ago. I was so insanely happy to finally see it!

Once it’s all done and i’ve made my final styling visit, i’ll of course be writing up this room and the other two rooms in plenty more detail. Am looking forward to sharing a final reveal walk around with lots of photos of the newly designed spaces, they’re quite different!

The Harrogate Coach House

Projects in progress


I have to say this room has been one of my favourites to work in. You know you’ve got a client after your own heart when they email you to say how much they love the new radiator valves!

During – Newly installed fireplace, picture rail, architrave and cornice



We’ve both really enjoyed adding some much needed character to this living room. It feels absolutely wonderful to be in. I think that’s the thing that’s most difficult to get across in a photo, is how a room feels. Because they all feel so different. Before this room felt cold and impersonal, and now it feels immensely warm, cosy and comforting.

Very nearly after

We worked closely with Californian based artist, Isabel Emrich who we commissioned to paint this stunning oil on canvas, ‘Speak Up’. The colour palette was the inspiration for everything else in the room and i’m so so pleased how it’s all turned out. I’ll have more on this room and the plans for the rest of the house in the new year. There’s a big build project in the planning and i’m super excited to share my plans for the kitchen diner. It’s going to be amazing! But for today, this is all you’re getting…

Kitchen/Diner Moodboard

So that’s your lot, although there are another five or six rooms underway at the moment too, but I will wait to share these with you in another exciting instalment. Right, that’s 1280 words or so, not bad for 3 months off. I wonder if i’ll get another blog post done before the end of the year? Well, just incase I don’t, I shall wish you all a very happy Christmas and a healthy start to 2021 and end by thanking everyone that’s stopped by to read the blog this year. I think you’re all swell.

Ps. For anyone who hasn’t watched Schitts Creek, then my biggest gift to you is… telling you to watch Schitts Creek. 


  1. Caroline says

    All gorgeous, but that green dining room… I think I may have drooled a bit. That green just hits the pleasure centre of my brain. Can’t wait for the final reveal.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

    • Karen Knox says

      Ha! Thank you, really glad there’s a droolworthy room there 🙂
      Merry Christmas to you and yours too!

  2. That little stove tucked inside the fireplace has my heart, and those built-in walnut storage shelves are !!

  3. Eleni Palioura says

    So glad you’re back – I get my saturated colour fix each time your blog lands in my inbox! I’ve taken inspiration from it for my place 🙂
    Can you point to a specific maker/model for the ceiling lamp you included in the Concept for the The Harrogate Coach House?
    Thanks !!

    • Karen Knox says

      Thank you very much indeed. That’s lovely of you! 🙂
      Check out for the silk pendant light in the Coach House project, they’re absolutely stunning!

  4. Mouli Gani says

    All the rooms and the joinery are absolutely stunning…. I Love the rug in the last room – was that from before ? Wonder were it is from ?

    • Karen Knox says

      Thank you Mouli, the rug in the Coach House living room is from Soho Home 🙂

  5. Shenley says

    Wow ! Great use of colour. I see you’ve specified the Oscar chair.. I can highly recommend it, I love mine. So much so that I’m wondering about buying another one for the sitting area off my kitchen. My bedroom project is nearly complete, just a few niggles to sort out and then I’ll send you some photos.

    • Karen Knox says

      Yes, armchair twins!! It’s such a fab chair, so cosy but a really simple, design too. I’ve been wondering how you were getting on with your room, good to know you’re making good progress. Look forward to seeing!!

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