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The Knox Bracket – A piece of Making Spaces at Dowsing & Reynolds

Knox Brackets Dowsing Reynolds

You can now buy me!! I’m for sale! I’m a bracket!

Do you remember this project from 2017?


The Industrial Shaker Kitchen – Before

Well, part of this kitchen update, I designed some rather special shelving that sat on some rather special shelving brackets.

Kitchen After

After – Remember?

Well these shelves caused quite a stir, so much so, I told Mr Dowsing Reynolds they should manufacture and sell them as part of their hardware range. I’m bossy like that.

Industrial Kitchen Shelving

And guess what? The eponymous Knox Brackets are now for sale on the Dowsing & Reynolds website. You can now add me to your basket, have me delivered and fix me to your wall. It’s very exciting!

Knox Shelf Brackets

Here’s what it says on the D&R website about my design baby:

“Rewind to 2016 when our very own James and Ally Dowsing-Reynolds moved into their new family home. They don’t like to do things by halves, and so it came as no surprise to us to find out that they’d bought a doer-upper… To say the least.

Their dogged determination, hard work, creativity and keen eye for detail paid off though. Tackling everything but the kitchen, they transformed their house into a stunning home. Having used up all their creative juices on the rest of the house, they decided the kitchen needed the expertise of an interior designer.

Long-term friend of D&R, Karen Knox of Making Spaces, was the obvious choice. She took on the challenge of transforming a room that left Ally and James feeling decidedly ‘meh’, into the fantastic hub of the house that it is today.

One of the biggest niggles for James and Ally was the existing piddly little shelves that looked ridiculous against the 3m high ceilings.

Karen set about designing some more appropriate shelves – James and Ally absolutely loved them. James made the first set himself, teaching himself to weld along the way. They were so happy with the results, that making them available on our website seemed like the obvious thing to do!

James has laid his welding gear to rest (for now), but has partnered with a local company to make these for us. Crafted from steel, they’re incredibly strong and will certainly stand the test of time.

We’ve paired them with chunky pieces of oak shelving, but use whatever suits your style. The brackets come in two lengths to cater for all ceiling heights.”

Knox Brackets – They sure do have my eyes

Priced at £170-£180 for a pair, they come in two lengths to cater for different height ceilings. I have already thought of a million uses for them, so you will no doubt be seeing these in multiple future projects.

But wait! I have even more exciting news for you…

You will soon be able to meander, touch and fiddle with the Knox brackets alongside all of their other beautiful lighting, homewares and hardwares in the very first bricks and mortar store. Dowsing & Reynolds will finally be opening their doors to at the end of the month!! And of course it will be in my home city of Leeds, where both D&R and Making Spaces are based. It’s a big deal opening their first physical store, the interiors had to be just right, especially as their tag line highlights the fact that “Design Details Matter”.

Lucky for me I was asked to collaborate with them on the design concept **does little dance**

My first dip into commercial/retail interior design had me right smack bang in the city centre in the iconic County Arcade in the Victoria Quarter. This is one of the most architecturally beautiful parts of Leeds city centre, somewhere I have walked through thousands of times since moving to Leeds in 1997. Little did I know, until a few months ago I would be involved in the design process for one of these stores. Life sure is a wonder sometimes isn’t it?!

I am so excited to share more with you, but I can’t, so for now, get a load of this:

Dowsing & Reynolds Store Leeds


And click that link above to read more about Dowsing & Reynolds’ and the opening of their very first physical store. May it be the first of many to come. And may the Knox brackets be one of their best sellers 🙂


  1. Holly Page says

    This is the best news. Well done. Have been looking for something like this as often see in commercial places but not seen anywhere that sells.

  2. This is INCREDIBLE news!! Oh my god – so exciting! I remember that kitchen well – it was such a gorgeous unusual design and those brackets were definitely the stars of the show! Well deserved darling xxx

    • Karen Knox says

      Awww thank you so much Ms D. I just hope they sell now. I’d love to see these in people’s homes across the UK. That would be weirdly brilliant!xx

  3. Elaine says

    Oh, well done! That’s fabulous- and designing a shop space is great fun ( I’ve done one; my cafe). Really looking forward to seeing the results!

  4. Sooooooooooooooo excited to see the store in VQ. Maybe I will even get to meet you there?!

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